Protect your investment with the #1 Boat Lift in the industry

Ultimate Protection For Your Wake/Surf Boat

Wakeboard Boats, Surf Boats, and Tow Boats are the hottest trends in boating. You expect your boat to perform its best every time you set out on your wakeboarding adventures. If your boat is stored on a boat lift, instead of in the water, your boat will have better performance with a clean hull and prop(s) that will cut through the water.

HydroHoist offers the UltraLift Series and HarborHoist models for Wake/Surf Boat styles. Our lifts feature polyethylene tanks that are highly resistant to impact and low-water damage. Flexing when stressed, the tanks return undamaged to their original shape! We have models available to hoist boats ranging from 4,400-32,000 lbs.

Why Buy a Boat Lift?

Less maintenance
Stops marine growth from accumulating on outdrives
Hull can easily be sprayed off and wiped down
when on lift, keeping it cleaner
Keeps your boat looking new for years to come
Protect your investment
Prevents boat from hitting dock during heavy wake or inclement weather
Controls water osmosis in hull of boat
Protects boat and outdrives from electrolysis
Maintains higher resale value
Immediate access to the water
Far superior to trailering or dry stack storage

Frequently Asked Questions

What size boat lift do I need for my wake boat?

Great question! We are seeing Wake/Surf boats get heavier each year as the demand for bigger wake output is desired. Most wake/surf boats are being hoisted by 8,800 to 12,000-pound lifts.

Will my props hit on a back-in style boat lift?

If you choose a back-in style boat lift, longer arms are installed on the lift so it goes deeper into the water and your boat can back-in over the lift without hitting the props.

Model Specifications

Model Specifications will be dependent on which boat lift application is best for your Wake Boat, Ski Boat, Surf Boat, or Tow Boat.

Models include UltraLift Series, UltraLift Shallow Water, UltraLift Front Mount, E-Series and HarborHoist.  Let our experienced team help you find the best fit for you! Get a quote today.

We offer many models of boat lifts click here to see more!