Posted on July 20, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Unless you live in a state with year-round sunshine, you’re probably as excited about the summer season as we are. Summertime means fun in the sun and joy on the water for boat and personal watercraft (PWC) owners just like you. At HydroHoist, we are devoted to making boating more fun than ever by putting technology, innovation, and decades of experience at your fingertips.

We provide boat and PWC lifts and accessories that enhance your investment, improve your experience, and provide ultimate protection and safety. To do all this, we’ve created power stations, power lifts, and secure storage options, and more. Keep reading to learn more about the accessories we offer that make summer on the water fun, exciting, and easy.

How HydroHoist Helps Optimize Your Boat or PWC

The investment you made in your boat or PWC means you want to make your watercraft as easy to use and enjoy as possible. It also means you want to make storage and security at the end of the season as simple and safe as possible. Browse the following array of premium boating additions and accessories and choose the ones you need:

Boat Lift

Front mount boat lift

A HydroHoist boat lift offers the ultimate in protection and ease of use. It makes launching your boat into the water and taking it out, again, as simple as the push of a button. It makes your summer more enjoyable because easier use of your boat means you use it more often. Available boat lift models include:

  • Pontoon/Tritoon Boat Lift
  • Wake/Surf Boat Lift
  • UltraLift
  • UltraLift Front Mount
  • UltraLift Shallow Water
  • HarborHoist
  • E-Series

No matter which model you choose, a boat lift will ensure you can easily clean and preserve your boat, avoid the nuisance and inconvenience of tangled ropes and lines, and ensure the safety of your passengers. You’ll also protect your boat’s hull from the damaging effects of foul water and marine life.

PWC Lift

extremes with rain

Our PWC lifts serve as docking stations that give you quick, convenient access to the water. You’ll also get additional benefits like bow bumpers for added protection, soft rests for the keel, and tapered entry with rollers that help center and guide your craft when it’s time to dock. Our PWC lift models include:

  • HydroPort Epic
  • Extreme
  • Pro

A PWC lift optimizes your summer because it makes it easier to launch and land your jet ski, provides security in dry dock, and protection from grime, corrosion, and water-borne contamination. It also preserves the body and appearance of your PWC. You’ll enjoy enhanced performance, added convenience, and unbeatable safety features all summer long.


dock protection bumper

Because the fear of causing damage or the memory of accidentally doing so has the potential to keep boaters off the water, we’ve worked hard to develop products specifically designed to limit the possibility of damage. Our docking solutions include:

  • Our Bow Guide to guide boats and PWCs safely into port and prevent banging into the dock
  • Our Corner Bumper wraps around corners to avoid dings and scratches on your vessel
  • Our UltraFender is ideal for preventing collisions with the dock and when combined with our corner bumpers, provides all-around protection
  • Our HydroFender offers secure edge protection, is easily sizeable, and prevents knocking and banging

Our dock protection products are designed to protect your boat or PWC from stem to stern by making getting into and out of your dock as easy and safe as possible. They’re a great way to enhance your summer and make boat maintenance and operation worry-free.

Power To Dock

Whether your dock or marina is private or commercial, we have the power solution you need. Our power station means you get lower costs, increased flexibility, ease, and convenience. Built with the needs of boat owners in mind, our innovation and attention to detail mean you can quickly replace breakers as needed without sacrificing time on the water.

Our goal is to make dock maintenance and upkeep simple, painless, and stress-free. You’ll also enjoy trouble-free installation of our power system and foul-weather protection. Our power solutions have industry-leading wiring, marine-grade fasteners, and the latest in tech-based dock solutions.

Shock IQ Technology

Part of summer fun is summer safety. With Shock IQ Technology, you can help ensure the safety of yourself and your guests. It monitors and inspects your dock and water for any stray electrical activity. If it detects any, it sounds a siren, flashes a red light, and immediately shuts off all power to your dock. It senses electricity at an 80-foot range (depending on water conditions) and is capable of detecting false negatives.

Shock IQ Technology is easy to operate with a push-button system and is so easy to install, you don’t even need an electrician. One of the best features of the system is the peace of mind it gives you and the folks who share your dock and watercraft.

New Ropes

The type, design, weight, and durability of the ropes you use on your boat will vary greatly. Outfitting your boat with new ropes at the start of the summer can help ensure you have the ropes and ties you need when you need them. Invest in a variety of new ropes this season, and while nylon ropes are often preferred, make sure you take full stock of your boat and choose the best ropes for you.

The ropes you choose will depend on your boat, its dock, the rope’s strength and purpose, and your knotting techniques. Make sure you know or learn a variety of knots, the appropriate use of each, and have new – or newly sharpened – scissors, knives, and other rope-cutting implements in stock.


hydrolocker dock box open

A simple way to optimize your summer experience is to avoid making multiple trips and keep the tools and gear you need on a regular basis close at hand. That means durable storage options like our HydroLocker.

Available in two sizes – 14 and 25 cubic-foot storage capacity – it’s designed to withstand the weather and the marina, constructed of UV stabilized polyethylene, and is low maintenance. It can be locked for added security and offers convenience, water-resistance, and even helps minimize spills. Its design blends seamlessly into your dock or marina, fights corrosion and deterioration, needs no additional hardware, and is designed to work with many standard padlocks.

We’re proud to provide superior protection for boats, PWCs, docks, and more. Our incredible sales team and our certified installers know how important it is for your HydroHoist product to serve you well. That’s why we stand behind every product we sell with our unbeatable customer service and product warranties.

At HydroHoist, we take boats, PWCs, and the safety of their accessories seriously. We also understand how important it is to optimize your time on the water whether it’s seasonal or year-round. When you do so, you make summer on the water more enjoyable for you and for the friends and families who join you. When you’re ready to get fully equipped for the summer, we’re ready to help.