Posted on September 15, 2022

Benefits of a Boat Lift That You Should Consider

Benefits of a Boat Lift That You Should Consider

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Boats are meant to be in the water but not stored there. Anything, even boats, that’s in the water 24/7 year-round can suffer damage. Best-case scenario, the damage is kind of unsightly. Worst-case scenario, you’re looking at differences in performance, expensive repairs, and more work for you in the long run.

A boat lift can save you from all of that grief simply by keeping your boat out of the water when you’re not using it. A boat lift offers support while minimizing the negative effects of the elements, giving you protection, peace of mind, and more value for your money.

No matter what material your boat hull is made of, it can be affected by scum, slime, and algae. Aluminum and other materials can stain easily, which emphasizes the water damage. The gelcoat on fiberglass boats is porous, which also means collected build-up and stains. This doesn’t have to happen as long as you have a boat lift to protect your boat’s underside from constant water exposure.

A boat lift is also a much safer place to store your boat and protect your dock. While leaving your boat moored or tied off to a buoy works when you’re stopping somewhere temporarily, that’s not a perfect solution for long-term storage. Being tied off in this manner isn’t the most secure of solutions, and leaving your boat this way puts it in a vulnerable position where interior and exterior damage are concerned. Water levels can change, unexpected rainstorms can blow through, and high winds can push debris and even your boat around. Your boat could float away, ram into your dock, or sink if it’s not lifted up and out of the water. This storage method also means that your bilge pump is overworked because you will be relying on it to remove the water that enters the boat. Boat lift accessories and add-ons also go a long way toward protecting your watercraft. Something as simple as a boat lift canopy cover can protect your boat from UV rays and wind-blown debris. 

On top of being a safer way to store your boat and prevent damage to your watercraft and dock, a boat lift is such a convenient storage method. If you wanted to store your boat out of the water without one, you would probably end up trailering it or putting it in a dry storage locker. There’s nothing wrong with those options, but they’re so much less convenient. Storing your boat on a lift right at the water’s edge means you don’t have to haul it out of storage, hook it up to your car, and fight other boaters for a spot in line at the launch point every time you want to go out. Boat lifts are so much better for your stress levels.

HydroHoist offers many boat lift models that all include these benefits along with the benefits of high-quality engineering, materials, and customer support. For more information, contact a local HydroHoist dealer.


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