Posted on September 8, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Owning a boat of your own is a thrilling experience. It puts a whole new and exciting spin on summer weather and lets you enjoy the water like you never have before. We’d even go so far as to call it life-changing. Our sales team and design engineers know how important it is for boat owners to have fast, easy access to their boats and to their gear. That’s why we’ve worked hard to create a line of dock storage accessories that make boating life easier to enjoy.

Like every product we make related to boats and boating, our dock storage options mean you get the quality and innovation you’ve come to expect from us combined with durability and affordability which means there’s a price point for every boater. At HydroHoist, we have dock boxes and lockers that make access to your gear fast and convenient and make carting bulky gear back and forth unnecessary.

We have a variety of different dock storage products because we understand that not all boats or their owners are alike, and our goal is to help you meet your unique boating goals. Some boat owners are fishing enthusiasts, others engage in on-the-water sports, while still others are on the water for the pure pleasure of basking in the waves and sunshine. Keep reading to learn more about how easy it is to add convenient storage to your dock or marina.

HydroLocker Rectangular Dock Storage Locker

Off Dock Mounting Bracket

off dock mounting of dock locker

Our HydroLocker 78” rectangular dock storage locker is everything you need in a dock box and dock storage. It’s versatile so you can mount it on or off-dock depending on your specific needs. If you go with off-dock mounting, you keep your dock free and clear and avoid potential slip, trip, and fall accidents. With our rectangular storage lock, you also get:

  • 25 cubic feet of storage space
  • Ultra-tough polyethylene construction
  • A lid engineered to resist water penetration
  • Mess-resistant, built-in spill management
  • Assembly and use that do not require hardware
  • Convenient, low-maintenance care

You can also choose additional accessories including our gas shock assist kit, hose/cable hanger kit, and off-dock mounting bracket kit. Whatever you need to make your dock – or even your patio at home – more user-friendly than ever, we make sure you get it. With innovation you’d never think would go into a seemingly simple storage solution, ours is the one you need. Made from the same materials we use to build the tanks on our made-to-last boat lifts, our dock storage products will last!

HydroLocker Triangle Dock Storage Locker


As rugged and well-made as our rectangular storage locker, the HydroLocker Triangle Dock Storage Locker is also engineered to meet the unique needs of boaters. It provides an aesthetically appealing storage option that resists water damage, decay, and corrosion. Even the hinges are designed to prevent tampering and vandalism. With this triangle design, you get safe, secure, dry storage and 14 roomy cubic feet of space. Whichever HydroHoist storage option you select for your dock, rest assured that you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Weather-resistance to make sure the gear you stash stays safe even under harsh conditions
  • Rust-resistance to make sure your storage and gear maintain their appearance and performance
  • Correct sizing so you avoid the rattle of excess space and the too-snug feeling of overstuffing
  • A footprint that hugs the dock and prevents blocking your walkway or posing a trip hazard
  • Ruggedness and durability that withstands even the roughest handling and lasts for many years

Because we work hard to meet your needs and expectations, the triangle locker also features a recessed back for your water riser and for hose storage. That means in addition to storage for your fishing, diving, or other boating lifestyle gear, you get additional storage as well.

Both shapes and sizes of locker also come with a warranty, so you can make a worry-free purchase with the security that comes from knowing we stand behind our craftsmanship. If the gear you store in your locker includes apparel, you might also opt for dock closets that let you hang your clothing. In addition, if you’re the owner of a marina, you should consider adding storage lockers to your dock for the boat owners you serve.

Why Dock Storage Is An Important Option For Marina Owners

HydroLocker Dock Storage Lock

As the owner of a marina, you provide boat owners with in-season and off-season storage and a safe place to secure their boats before and after taking them onto the water. When boat owners come to your marina, they look for every add-on option you can provide that makes boat ownership easier. That means they look for every available option you offer that makes using their boat easier – and that includes storage options.

When one of the perks your marina gives boaters is quicky, easily accessible storage, you have the opportunity to gain a whole new audience with online and offline marketing and by word-of-mouth advertising – because boat owners tell each other when they find a good thing. By providing a variety of our HydroLocker Rectangular and Triangle storage options, you also give your marina a clean, modern look and a profitable marketing advantage.

Add Another Layer of Protection To Your Storage Unit

While the lockers we provide offer secure storage, you can take the safety of your stored items one step further by adding your own lock. Choose a combination or keyed padlock – our lockers accept any standard two-inch model – to make sure no one can open your locker except you or someone you authorize. When you select a lock for your storage container, make sure you choose one that is:

  • Solid and sturdy
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Weather-resistant
  • Rust-resistant
  • The right size

You may also want to consider leaving an extra key with a friend, the harbormaster, marina owner, family member, or someone else someone you trust. This can prove helpful if you inadvertently misplace your key or accidentally forget to bring it along.

Whichever dock storage option you choose, our team will make sure you get the safety, security, and protection you need – and your gear deserves. When you’re ready, browse our website to find the boating industry’s longest-lasting, most robust, and most user-friendly storage available. Contact a member of our sales team today to find out how quickly and easily you can get the storage you need for your dock or marina. Find a dealer that stocks our HydroLocker dock boxes.