What Different Boat Lifts Do You Sell?

HydroHoist boat lifts for sale come in models to fit nearly any watercraft you have. The boat lift you choose will depend on the water you’re storing the boat on; the type of boat, including its make, model, size, weight, and engine style; the dock type and style; and the slip width. Whether you have a tritoon boat or a jet ski, we have a boat lift or PWC dock for sale near you.

  • The UltraLift Series is great for freshwater boaters and uses pontoons for its lift action
  • UltraLift Front Mount lift is great for tight or otherwise unusual spaces (like double-sized and L-shaped moorings or a shared slip space) or the boat owner that just wants some extra room in the slip
  • UltraLift Shallow Water Boat Lift has a longer tank and a lower profile, which means it can operate in water that’s three feet deep while still keeping the steel components out of the water
  • HarborHoist boat lifts are great for brackish and saltwater areas because they were built to withstand those conditions
  • The HydroPort Series of PWC floating docks and platforms (Epic, Extreme, and Pro) provides a safe place to store your jet ski when you’re not on the water

The UltraLift series of boat lifts can hoist boats from 4,400 to 32,000 pounds, giving you a range of options for protecting your boat (and options for potential upgrades in the future). HydroPort docking platforms can accommodate jet skis from 1,500 to 2,000 pounds.

How Much Are Your Boat Lifts?

The short answer is that prices will vary. Many factors go into determining the cost of your boat lift. The size capacity of the lift is a huge factor because it depends so much on boat length and width and docking application. The body of water you’ll be in will also factor into some of the functionality and features, as will any features or boat dock accessories you might want to add.

HydroHoist boat lifts are customized to fit each boat and docking application uniquely. Putting a uniform price tag on something with so many options is impossible. Your local HydroHoist dealer can provide more information on the types of boat lifts for sale, the options you need, and what you can expect to pay for them.

Where Can I Buy a Boat Lift?

When buying a HydroHoist boat lift, you can get them in many places—we export to 23 countries, and our distribution and dealer network is in over 18 of them. If you’re in the United States, we’re sure to have a nearby dealer that can help you meet your waterfront needs.

We consider the following as our “main” locations, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have tremendous appreciation for all of our dealers.

Choosing a local dealer not only supports your local economy but helps you get expert advice on products from someone who knows your water as you do. HydroHoist does not rent boat lifts, but we are happy to help you with delivery, boat lift install, service, and more.

What is the Delivery Process?

We recommend getting professional help with your delivery and installation if you’re a first-time owner. If you’re buying from your local HydroHoist dealer, they will arrange delivery based on what works best for them and you. Our boat lifts and docks come in pieces, but luckily, they are very easy to assemble and install, thanks to the construction and materials we use. We also have instructions on our website for our products in case you lose your copy between fall tear-down and spring set-up.