Where to Buy a Boat Lift Near You


Smith Lake area boat lifts aren’t hard to come by. There’s a HydroHoist dealer right on Smith Lake that covers Alabama and parts of Mississippi. If you’re in another area, you could find boat lifts in places like Florida. You might also find used boat lift listings from sellers in the area that are interested in upgrading and getting rid of their old models. But how can you be sure that you can trust them?

We recommend buying boat lifts from authorized dealers. Not only will an authorized dealer be intimately familiar with local water conditions, but they also will have extensive knowledge of their product catalog and be able to make recommendations based on your area, boat, and needs. They will also be able to offer warranties, boat lift parts and accessories, installation help, answers to your questions, and so much more than a random stranger selling you their old lift can. Plus, by supporting local dealers, you’re also supporting the economy in your local area—always a plus in our book.

Who Sells Boat Lifts in Alabama?


HydroHoist of Alabama can help you with your boat lift needs, especially if you’re on or around the Smith Lake area. We also offer free quotes on our products. It’s also in a good location if you’re looking for boat lifts in Jasper or around Birmingham and some parts of Mississippi. On top of high-quality boat lift systems in Alabama, we also have jet ski lifts, boat and dock protection options, dock lockers, and other products and accessories for your waterfront. We’re also an authorized dealer for ShockIQ, a useful product if you use electric power for your dock. You can use ShockIQ to monitor electricity in the water around your dock, and you can shut the power off if it detects electricity, making your waterfront safer for everyone.

If you’re looking for boat lifts for sale from an authorized dealer a little closer to home, HydroHoist can help with that—our contact form can get you in touch with a boat lift dealer that we trust in your area.

HydroHoist boat lift and jet ski lift on the water

How much are boat lifts in the Smith Lake area?

It sounds like dodging the question, but when it comes to different types of boat lifts and how much they might cost, it can vary, and it’s hard to guarantee a definite figure. The average cost of a boat lift can vary from a couple of thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. However, this depends on several factors. Different features can cost more, and the greater the size and lifting power of your boat, lift the higher the cost. A pontoon boat lift with an electric motor will be more complicated, durable, and powerful in comparison to a simpler lift like a PWC dock that you can drive a jet ski on and off of. Considering that HydroHoist has a variety of boat lifts in different lengths, widths, weight capacities, and other options, the costs can be hard to lay out in a simple blog post. And with your unique waterfront, boat, and lifestyle, why would you want a one-size-fits-all option when you can get something tailored to your needs?

It’s easy to get a quote from HydroHoist of Alabama. We’ll need to know your location and the kind of water on your waterfront, and we can work from there. Get in touch through our website, and we can find you your perfect waterfront system.

Smith Lake Area HydroHoist Dealers

HydroHoist of Alabama, located on Smith Lake, is a premiere boat lift distributor. We are family-owned and operated, located in a convenient location, and happy to cover Alabama as well as Mississippi. We also offer the highest-quality boat lifts on the market. Whether you’re looking for shallow water boat lifts or floating ones, and no matter what size watercraft you have, we’ll have the recommendations that will work best for your boat dock, shoreline, boat, and lifestyle. 


Are boat lifts suitable for both saltwater and freshwater environments at Smith Lake?

Boat lifts are suitable for saltwater and freshwater as long as they’re built from the right materials. HydroHoist boat lifts are molded from polyethylene. The frames are designed so that minimal metal is in the water, with all stainless steel components above the water to prevent corrosion.

How do I protect my boat from rough water conditions at Smith Lake, Alabama?

The best way to protect your boat from the water conditions in Smith Lake, AL, is to avoid storing it in the water full-time. A boat that’s kept in the water as opposed to on a dock or trailer can eventually get water damage to the hull, which can cause cosmetic and performance issues down the line. Keeping your boat on a boat lift when you’re not using it keeps it protected and readily accessible.

Can I install a boat lift for my personal watercraft (PWC) at Smith Lake?

You can, and HydroHoist has a few options for Smith Lake PWC protection. You can use a drive-on port that’s an appropriate size for your PWC and easy to use or any of our boat lift models in an appropriate capacity. Talking to a local HydroHoist dealer is the best way to help you figure out what confirguration would work best for your waterfront and the boat lift installation.