Posted on July 28, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

The dock that secures your boat can have so many more uses. From battery-powered lanterns to sturdy trash receptacles to floaties to string lights, you can turn your dock from a place to store your boat between uses into a place to entertain – with the right accessories.

The accessories you choose for your dock can also promote safety. We’ll help you explore accessories for your dock like anti-skid boat stairs and dock treads that guard against tripping, slipping, and falling. Start by ensuring your dock has the boat and dock protection it needs. Follow up by making sure you have the right tools in place to enjoy any other accessories you add.

Boat & Dock Protection

bow guide bumper attached to front of dock

First things first – safety. Make sure your dock is a safe place for you, your boat, and the friends and family who enjoy it with you. At HydroHoist, the safety options we provide for boat and personal watercraft (PWC) owners include:

  • Our Bow Guide helps center your boat or PWC and prevents knocking into the dock which can cause costly damage to both
  • Our Corner Bumper increases the lifespan of your dock by adding the protection of rounded corners and UV-resistant polyethylene cushioning
  • Our UltraFender provides even greater protection from banging, slamming, and knocking and is ideal for gas or premium docks
  • Our HydroFender is easy to size, easy to attach, and provides superior edge protection against crashing and collisions

We also recommend outfitting your dock with our HydroLocker, with its storage options (more on that later) and ease of use and installation. Keep reading for additional great accessories for your dock.

Dock Furniture

Boat dock furniture

Now that you’ve considered your safety and protection options, get started on making your dock a comfortable place for you and your family and friends. Depending on your needs and the needs of your group, you can outfit your dock with lounge seating and low tables or with standard-height tables and chairs.

Look for weather-ready, rust, mold and mildew-resistant seating options like sofas, chairs, and cushions specifically designed to withstand the great outdoors. You can even find options specifically designed to screw or anchor to your dock for added safety. Look for huge umbrellas and sturdy furniture that will hold up over time and give you flexible options for family gatherings, intimate dinners, or large parties.

Lighting, Heating, & Power

The electronic equipment you use to power your dock for fun and entertainment means you need a power source that can help you warm up cooler fall evenings and power the tech on your dock. Look for UL-listed, weather-proof power options that let you light up your dock on cool evenings, power your boat lift, play music, or watch TV as safely as possible.

Consider powering your dock or marina with a HyPower PowerPedestal. Specially engineered to meet the needs of boaters, it lets you maintain power even in bad weather and promotes lower ongoing maintenance costs. In addition, HyPower also offers the FirePedestal and LightCenter.

Sound System


Sitting on the dock of the bay simply requires good music, right? Whether you’re a fan of boot-stompin’ country music, mellow classical, guitar-grinding rock, or the latest hits, an outdoor sound system will let you enjoy your favorite tunes right on your dock. That can mean a simple Bluetooth-ready speaker or a whole-dock sound system.

Look for a wireless system that has secure mounting brackets for increased stability, is waterproof and weather-resistant, and has a remote control that lets you change selections and volume from any part of your dock. Also, consider choosing a single sound system you can use with your music source and outdoor TV.

Outdoor TV

Fall weather with its cooler climates is a great time to enjoy breezy days on the water and on your dock. If you’re a football fan, a big screen TV is a must! Look for one that is weather-resistant, will not fade in the sun or cause screen glare from sunlight, and has options for external speakers because football is not meant to be quiet whether as an activity or as a spectator sport.

Just like with a music sound system, make sure you look for options that include wireless speakers and wireless cable or streaming options as well to avoid creating a trip hazard with trailing wires and cables. A regular TV simply will not do, so make sure you choose one that’s specifically designed for outdoor use and make sure your electrical outlets are properly grounded and secured.

HydroLocker Dock Box


What is a football game – or any other sport – without a tailgate party? Our HydroLocker comes in two sizes and shapes:

  • The HydroLocker 78″ has 25 cubic feet of storage capacity and built-in spill management
  • The HydroLocker Triangle has 14 cubic feet of storage capacity and a recessed back for water riser and hose storage

Both models are designed to resist water penetration and are easy to install and use. The HydroLocker even comes with the Triangle Power Option with EnergyMate technology. With this much space for storage, you don’t have to leave anything behind. Pack it with food or beverages or use it as a dry locker for off-season storage. They’re each compatible with most standard 2-inch padlocks and are practically maintenance free.

Safety Accessories


Another note on securing the safety of your dock. While you’re getting set to enjoy your boat and dock, you should make a point of having:

  • Air horn
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlights
  • First aid kit
  • Life jackets
  • Skid-resistance
  • Plenty of water
  • Solar or battery-powered lights

Include a backup power source to charge cellphones and a list of emergency contact information. Stock a backpack or tote with these safety accessories, then make sure your dock is supplied with all the accessories it needs for fun and safety. That’s where we come in.

When you are ready to take the hard work out of boating, we are ready to help. Browse our website to learn more about our fall weather accessories for your dock and about our lifts and docking stations that make boating, jet skiing, and other on-the-water and on-the-dock activities safe, easy, and fun. Contact a member of our HydroHoist sales team to get hassle-free quotes and estimates today.