Where to buy boat lifts near me


With so much shoreline in North Carolina, it would be hard to find a place where you couldn’t buy boat lifts near you. From dealers with elaborate showrooms to boat shows to random sellers on the internet, there’s no shortage of people who want to sell you boat lifts and dock systems in the Lake James area.

We recommend shopping locally because it’s good for the economy, and local boat lift dealers will know the water in your area better than someone outside of it. If you’re using an authorized dealer for a company like HydroHoist, that’s even better—that way, you’re getting the expertise of someone who knows your water best, along with the extensive knowledge of the products they’re selling. A local dealer will also be able to offer warranties and compatible boat lift parts as part of a complete waterfront system, which you won’t necessarily get from a stranger trying to sell you their system.

You can find many reputable dealers through research and internet searches, or you can use our contact form to get in touch with a HydroHoist dealer in your area.

Who sells boat lifts near me?

HydroHoist of the Carolinas is a great place to buy boat lifts in the Lake Norman area. HydroHoist of the Carolinas has been an authorized dealer of HydroHoist boat lifts and HydroPort PWC lifts for over 35 years. We are happy to assist with lift installations, service, and more. Our coverage area is vast; we cover North and South Carolina and southern Virginia. We cover many lakes in the area, including but not limited to Lake Norman, Lake James, Lake Hickory, Lake Rhodhiss, Lake Wylie, Mountain Island, Lake Outlook, Lake Badin, and High Rock.

How much are boat lifts in the Lake Norman area?

Every boat owner is unique—and so is their boat, dock, lift, and waterfront. That’s why it’s so difficult to determine prices for boat lifts in a “one size fits all” way. Your average polyethylene PWC dock is a simple system attached to the side of a boat dock or directly to the shore that your jet ski can push off and drive onto—it is also relatively inexpensive. On the other side of the spectrum, an aluminum pontoon boat lift with an electric motor and other features will need to be bigger, require substantially more lifting power, and must be made of materials that can withstand the size of the boat and the elements as well. Adding or removing features and other investments like manufacturer warranties can also affect the price tag, as can the area where you are.

It’s safe to expect to spend thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, of dollars on your boat lift system in the Lake Norman area. However, getting a more specific figure will require more specific information from you as well as the expertise of an authorized dealer. HydroHoist of the Carolinas can offer quotes based on your shoreline, boat, and lifestyle needs and priorities that will fit you better than any item or package deal picked off a chart.

Lake Norman Area HydroHoist Dealers

HydroHoist has waterfront experts and boat lift dealers all over North America, and Lake Norman, North Carolina, is no exception. We’re proud to serve all of our customers’ needs in our coverage area, no matter what types of boat lifts they use or where they’re located. We have boat lifts for watercraft of just about any size and shape for waters across North America, and the accessories and add-ons that make boating easier and more fun for everyone. For more information on our products, services, and dealers in your area, get in touch with us so we can connect you to a local HydroHoist dealer.