Posted on December 1, 2022

Boat Lift Maintenance & Boat Dock Upkeep Guide

Boat Lift Maintenance & Boat Dock Upkeep Guide

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Your boat dock is your walkway to the water, and your boat lift protects your boat from the hazards of the elements. Your waterfront retreat wouldn’t be complete without either, just like it wouldn’t be complete without your watercraft. Your boat lift and dock are intended to last as long as your boat does, or even longer—25 years is a typical lifespan. However, that depends several factors, one of the biggest being the amount of care you put into them. While they’re designed to be rugged and stand up to the strain of the elements as well as your boat itself, boat lifts still need regular maintenance to stay at peak performance for long periods.

Follow these lists for the kind of boat lift maintenance and upkeep you can expect to do.

Boat Lift Maintenance

Maintaining boat lifts will look pretty much the same no matter what kind of water you’re in or what conditions are like near you. It all comes down to not overlooking any details.

  • Routinely inspect your boat lift for rust, water damage, or signs of wear and tear
  • Tighten all nuts and bolts and ensure that hardware is properly fastened together
  • Note when something is worn out or damaged, and make repairs and replacements when necessary
  • If you have electrical components, make sure they’re working, or hire a marine electrician to take a look
  • Use marine-grade grease to lubricate bearings and pulleys every six months or so
  • Use an anti-corrosion lubricant on motors and other moving boat lift parts around twice a year or as needed
  • Cables need to be lubricated and replaced if they’re frayed or broken, and the alignment on the drum and spool checked
  • When your lift isn’t in use, keep it up out of the water and rinse it with fresh water, especially if you’re boating in saltwater
  • If possible, run your lift a little in the off-season to keep it in working order

Boat Dock Maintenance

Boat dock maintenance has more variation than boat lift maintenance because boat docks can be made of a larger variety of materials than boat lifts can. While most types of boat lifts are made of metal (even though the type might vary), boat docks can be metal, polymers, wood, or some combination of these materials, with different maintenance requirements.

  • Carefully pressure wash off any stubborn dirt or when deep cleaning
  • When you’re doing a gentler cleaning, use homemade cleaning agents like olive oil, white vinegar, water, baking soda, or water-based dishwashing soaps to clean
  • For wooden docks, know when to replace boards and stain, sand, or finish the wood to avoid degradation
  • Check hardware like nails and screws for necessary repairs or replacements
  • If you have a floating dock with flotation barrels or other devices, make sure they don’t have leaks
  • Test and inspect stairways, railings, and other features
  • Keep debris off of your dock surface

HydroHoist Floating Lifts and Docking Platforms

Starting with a great boat dock or boat lift is a great way to keep your maintenance to a minimum. HydroHoist employs only the most experienced and talented marine industry professionals to design, assemble, and install our boat lifts. If you’re looking into a free-floating boat lift or docking platform for your watercraft, look no further than HydroHoist, and contact us to start your search


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