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Boat & Dock Protection Package

Bow Guide & Corner Bumpers Enhance your dock’s looks and increase its value with the Boat & Dock Protection Package from HydroHoist.  The Boat & Dock Protection Package includes the HydroGuard bow guide and corner bumpers.  The HydroGuard bow guide is designed to align and center the boat in the slip while offering protection to […]

UltraLift Series Boat Lifts

Your boat is one of the largest investments you will make outside of your home.  Make it last for generations to come, and give it the finest protection on the market with an UltraLift 2 Series from HydroHoist.  HydroHoist is the market originator and industry innovator for boat lifts. The UltraLift 2’s seamless polyethylene tanks are rugged […]

HydroPort Series – Personal Water Craft Docking Platform

For over 52 years HydroHoist has been the market originator and industry innovator for boat lifts.  With the popularity of personal watercraft, the HydroHoist engineering team has developed the HydroPort Series for this growing segment in the recreational boating industry. The unique and innovative docking platforms are designed to maintain your personal watercraft neatly and […]

HydroPort: Universal Mooring

HP Pro Universal / HPE Fixed – The universal and fixed mooring kits were designed to accommodate attaching the HP Pro and the HP Extreme to a fixed dock.  Dock design and water conditions will affect how the ports should be attached to the dock.  Ultimately, the brackets need to be securely attached to the […]

Boats offset in wide slip

If you have a boat lift that is installed into a wide slip -typically 14’ or wider- it is possible to offset the boat to one side to afford easier loading.  If the boat is offset to one side, then it may not be possible to install guide ropes to align the boat over the […]

How to use guide ropes on a boat lift

Guide ropes make it easier to align your boat over the lift prior to raising.  Guide ropes are typically installed in one of two ways, but there will always be two on each side of the boat. The length of your boat and slip, as well as the position of your roof posts, will generally […]

How to winterize your boat lift – post season

At the end of the season, whether you store your boat on your lift or off site, it is a good idea to give the lift a final inspection. Look at the dock brackets and the arm pivot bolts. The dock brackets should be securely attached to the dock and the arm pivot bolts should […]

What to do if your boat lift will not raise

When you want to raise your boat lift, with or without the boat on it, switch on the blower motor(s), and turn your lever(s) to the lift/launch position. If you have multiple levers, then be sure to open them in the correct sequence. The lift will not immediately begin to rise. Some of the water […]

How to drive on and launch a Personal Water Craft

When you are driving your PWC onto the HP Pro or HydroPort Extreme, the most important thing to remember is not to approach the port too fast. As you approach the port, try to align your PWC directly with the center so that you are in a straight line. Approach slowly, at idle speed. When […]

How to use a High Performance Two Valve Two Motor control

The high performance two-valve, two-motor control unit is typically installed on hoists up to 14,000 pounds, with two tanks, that are setup for boats that are backed into the slip. It can also be used for a two-tank hoist that is modified to accommodate a sail boat. The high-performance blower motors can push the air […]