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Are Floating Boat Lifts Even Worth It?

Spending quality time polishing, cleaning, and caring for your boat at the beginning of every season is no easy task!  Depending on when and where you boat, your precious vessel could suffer from hull blisters, algae growth and even salt corrosion! Don’t let your boat sustain damage or wait until the offseason to be proactive, […]

What’s The Best Boat Storage Option, Using a Boat Lift or Trailering?

If you own a boat, what do you prefer: boat trailers or boat lifts? Boat owners and boating enthusiasts have raved about the HydroHoist boat lift. For those who do not know, this boat lift is manufactured by HydroHoist, the largest and most well-known manufacturer of hydro-pneumatic boat lifts. Established in 1964, HydroHoist has been […]

3rd Quarter HyPoints from CEO Mick Webber

The impressive strength of the U.S. boating market continues to roll forward and most industry analysts see this playing through 2019. Sales across all three divisions (HydroHoist Boat Lifts, HyPower Power Pedestals, RotoMoldUSA) are up with boat lifts leading the way. HydroHoist Boat lifts continue to grow at an impressive rate and mainly through organic […]

Employee Spotlight – Kent Jopling

Kent Jopling has joined HydroHoist Marine Group as Director of Engineering Jopling is a seasoned engineer with experience in numerous industries including marine, aerospace, and audio. “We are fortunate to have an engineer of Kent’s caliber on our team. His skills and experience will ensure improvements to current products and take us to the next […]

Dealer Spotlight – Harold Beasley of Duskin Point Marina

Harold Beasley, of Alabama, has been a HydroHoist Dealer for 31 years. He describes his relationship with HydroHoist Marine Group as “thirty-one years of excellent business” and “honored to be a dealer for America’s #1 Boat Lift”. The Beasley’s HydroHoist dealership has ranked as a Top Five Dealer for 24 consecutive years and has won […]

Shallow Water Boat Lift – New in 2018

New in 2018! The Ultra Lift ™ Series Shallow Water Lift™ incorporates a longer tank with a lower profile to allow for operation in as little as three feet of water. Constructed of durable polyethylene, it is impact and puncture resistant. Utilizing the same frame components as the Ultra Lift ™ the Shallow Water Boat […]

Why Buy A Boat Lift?

Why should you consider buying a boat lift? Less Maintenance Stops marine growth from accumulating on outdrives Hull can easily be sprayed off and wiped down when on lift, keeping it cleaner Keeps your boat looking new for years to come Protect Your Investment Prevents boat from hitting dock during heavy wake or inclement weather […]

When a HydroHoist saves more than the value of your boat

Scott Mauldin, HHTN For over 50 years, literally thousands of HydroHoist boat lifts have been on duty; providing boaters with piece of mind; while protecting their boats from the harsh effects of wind, wake, corrosion, osmosis, and electrolysis. On a windy day in August, a HydroHoist boat lift was called upon to save something much […]

Dealer Spotlight – Joe Harwood, Arrowhead Yacht Club & Boat Sales

Dealer Spotlight     Joe Harwood, Arrowhead Yacht Club & Boat Sales Grand Lake, Oklahoma Joe got his start in the marine industry when he began working at Bomar’s Marina (a HydroHoist dealer on Grand Lake) as a summer job in 1968, while a student at Kansas State University. He knew Henry Rutter, the founder and inventor […]

Boat & Dock Protection Package

Bow Guide & Corner Bumpers Enhance your dock’s looks and increase its value with the Boat & Dock Protection Package from HydroHoist.  The Boat & Dock Protection Package includes the HydroGuard bow guide and corner bumpers.  The HydroGuard bow guide is designed to align and center the boat in the slip while offering protection to […]