Become A Dealer

We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a HydroHoist dealer. Besides an excellent product, we offer a dedicated staff that is eager to share with you the key points of building a successful HydroHoist dealership. This includes the right hoists along with instruction on how to install and service them.

As a HydroHoist dealer, you will profit from our enviable market position that includes being the world’s leading boatlift manufacturer. HydroHoist offers a superior product, exacting craftsmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction, which includes the strongest warranty in the business. Key to that customer satisfaction is product installation: a satisfied customer becomes a salesman for you!


“I have had an excellent experience with HydroHoist in terms of product quality and service after the sale. HydroHoist boat lifts are fully engineered and do not tweak my finger piers…I value that. I install HydroHoist boat lifts because I know they will be in the marina for a long time, and will do the job without having to service them.”

-Phillip Cox Owner, State Park Marina Table Rock Lake, MO

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