Posted on August 19, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

The states that make up the U.S. range from mountainous to plain states to sweeping tableaus. They also run the gamut of temperatures from below zero winters to mild climates to year-round sunshine. Across these fifty states, the ten lakes we discuss in this article are some of the most idyllic lakes for boating, riding personal watercrafts (PWCs), and enjoying the water. If you need a boat lift dealer at any of these lakes, we have one for you. Which one will you visit first?

Lake Travis

Open every day of the year – except during floods or droughts – Lake Travis, located on the Colorado River in Austin, Texas, has hundreds of access points for boats of all sizes. With crystal clear water and hundreds of miles of scenic shore, it’s commonly called the crown jewel of Central Texas. Boat and PWC owners rank Lake Travis highly for its clean water, great weather, scenery, and favorable boating traffic. With more than 20 marinas, there’s a place for boat owners or renters, sales and service, and a plethora of dock and shoreline activities. Lake Travis also has fine dining and restaurants with fun atmospheres on the lake that you can visit by boat or car.

Lake Norman

The largest manmade body of fresh water in North Carolina, Lake Norman is renowned for its lake life by residents and tourists, alike. Boaters love Lake Norman for its nearly 520 miles of shoreline and calm, tranquil water and atmosphere. Because it has no horsepower regulations or speed limits, you can enjoy boats of various sizes whether it’s your own or a rental on Lake Norman. With mandated noise control and laws that mean virtually no littering, it’s a picturesque and serene locale. There are also many places to rent a boat or Jet Ski so you can enjoy Lake Norman’s stunning waters and many boating events and activities.

Lake Lanier

Gas your boat at competitive rates and take to the gleaming waters of Lake Lanier, located in northern Georgia. It’s home to celebrated water events and has dry storage options available in-season and off-season if you don’t have a boat lift, or our local team can help you choose one that fits your boat size and needs. Acre after acre of shining waters coupled with lush shores makes Lake Lanier a little like an oasis for boat owners just like you. It boasts affordable boat ramps, docks, and rentals and even offers dock rentals for daily use and nearby lodging for traveling boaters.

Lake of the Ozarks

Located on the Osage River in the northern part of the Ozarks, Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri is beloved by boaters from all over. So much so that it hosts the annual Shootout, its largest annual powerboat racing event. Other boaters are not forgotten here, because its recreational waters welcome boats of all types including fishing boats, houseboats, and even PWCs. No matter which category you fit into, Lake of the Ozarks has something for you.

Lake Texoma

As its name implies, Lake Texoma spans more than 700 miles between Grayson County, Texas, and Bryan County, Oklahoma with the majority of the lake on the Texas side. If yours is a recreational vessel, local marinas offering docking slips, boat lifts, and even sailing instruction. Its marinas also offer every level of personalized service for boaters including maintenance, navigation, and guidance. In addition, if yours is a fishing boat, Lake Texoma offers fishing guides and other helpful amenities because there’s room for every boater on this popular freshwater lake.

Beaver Lake

Located in Northwest Arkansas, Beaver Lake is prized by fishermen since the lake is packed with fish. While it is a popular environment for fishing boats, it also welcomes beginner and seasoned boaters of all kinds with lessons, certifications, and reasonably priced dock options. Its shores are charming and quaint while also vibrant and lively. Finally, the marinas on the lake provide food and beverages, gas and storage, and a wide range of additional products and services.

Lake Cumberland

Hailed as the Houseboat Capital of the World, Lake Cumberland sits in picturesque Russell County, Kentucky, and is home to more houseboats for rent than anywhere else in the country. It’s easy to understand why once you’ve seen its unbelievable sunrises and sunsets and its peaceful, soothing water. Lake Cumberland boasts slips, ski boats, and rental boats of various sizes – including its famed houseboats. As a boat owner, you’ll enjoy its 1,200 miles of shoreline and its upcoming Poker Run – the premier boating event of the season.

Norris Lake

Created by the Norris Dam in Tennessee, Norris Lake features rolling hills and is surrounded by the unparalleled beauty of the Great Smokey Mountains. Whether you’re looking for a lazy ride on the river or the thrill of a powerboat ride, you’ll find both right here. Ideal for boat and PWC owners, Norris Lake has marinas and docks, boat and PWC rentals, and gorgeous tree line views. Sightseeing for boaters on Norris Lake includes waterfalls, Tennessee’s highest-elevated reservoir, and mile after mile of whitewater and shoreline.  

Smith Lake

If you live in or will be visiting Birmingham, Alabama, you’ll find Smith Lake and its 500 miles of shoreline just 20 miles north and west of the city. It boasts 21,000 acres of clear, deep lake water with almost a dozen marinas and a plethora of docks from which to launch your vessel. It’s a hotspot for fishing as a sport and has spectacular views. Whether you take a solo boating trip or bring friends and family along, you’ll love the freshwater, fresh air, and freedom of Smith Lake.

Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees

With its steady and predictable winds, Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees sits in the foothills of the Ozark Mountain Range in Oklahoma and make a perfect body of water for sailboat owners. In fact, it attracts them from all over the country with its sprawling channels and deep waters. In addition to easy-to-navigate waters, Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees has everything boat lovers need including dealers, repair services, docks, and power sources.

At HydroHoist, we work hard to be everywhere boat owners are, so we have dealers on each of these U.S. lakes. We also work hard to stay on the cutting edge of boating technology and engineering. Whether you need a boat lift, PWC dock, power source, or boat or dock accessories, our team is ready to help fully outfit your boat and dock or marina.