Posted on February 8, 2016



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Imagine not having to walk your property to be able to bill your customers for the utilities they use?

HyPower offers a cloud based remote utility control and monitoring product partnering with Marine Sync.  Faster and more accurate than the traditional method of collecting readings from counters on the pedestals, Marine Synch gives you access to the features to improve the level of services offered while saving you money when installed with your PowerPorts.

-Wireless reading for both electric and water meters

-Detailed billing and usage reports to manage your business

-Remotely disable or enable the power to your pedestal  curbing power poaching – great for transient docks

-Manage and isolate stray current making your marina safer  with ground fault monitoring

Great for marinas and RV parks the Marine Synch RUM System can be used on new or existing metered power pedestals.  Call HyPower today 918.341.6811 and make an investment in the future of your business, focusing your people on taking care of the customer.