Capacities ranging from 5,000-9,000 lbs.

Shallow Water? Low Roof? No Problem!

Shallow bodies of water, coves, and rivers can limit the type of boat lift you can get. Boats with tall wake towers may also be limited by low dock and marina roofs. The low-profile tank design of the UltraLift Shallow Water boat lift helps boaters get protection for their boat, without sacrificing quality.

The Shallow Water Boat Lift incorporates a longer tank with a lower profile, allowing operation in water depth of at least three feet. Designed alongside the UltraLift, the Shallow Water boat lift model has been engineered to keep all steel components out of the water, minimizing corrosion and maximizing the life of your lift.

UltraLift Shallow Water Features

10 ft. slip minimum
Low profile molded polyethylene tanks
Adjustable tank placement
Two piece stainless/polyethylene pitmen bushings
Grade-8 pivot hardware
Boats up to 28′ overall length
Inboard or stern drive
Floating docks and u-shaped slips

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this boat lift a shallow water boat lift?

The tank width is the biggest different between the shallow water boat lift and the traditional boat lift.

Do you have to use a shallow water boat lift only in shallow water?

Shallow water boat lifts can be used in both shallow and normal fluctuating water depths. Some boats with tall wake/surf towers in marinas need the low profile tank design to allow their boats to be hoisted without hitting the roof of the dock or marina.

Model Specifications

Model Capacity(lbs) Min. Water Depth(ft) Min. Slip Width(ft.) Max. Slip Width(ft.) Tank Options
5000 5,000 22″ + draft min. water depth 9′-9″ (9′-4″ with low profile dock brackets) 14 2 tank options
6000 6,000 22″ + draft min. water depth 9′-9″ (9′-4″ with low profile dock brackets) 14 2 tank options
7500 7,500 22″ + draft min. water depth 11′ (10′-7″ with low profile dock brackets) 14 2 + 1 aux. tank options
9000 9,000 22″ + draft min. water depth 13′-6″ (13′-1″ with low profile dock brackets) 14 3 tank options

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