Posted on June 8, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Save yourself from worry and frustration this boating season by choosing a boat lift that launches your boat into the water and lifting it out with ease.

While a boat lift offers numerous additional features and benefits for boat owners, its installation should be left to professionals.

In fact, we believe that assembly, installation, or repairs of a HydroHoist boat lift should only be performed by an authorized HydroHoist technician, as stated in our manuals.

While you can install your own boat lift with some muscle, the right knowledge base, and the right sets of tools, we do not recommend doing so. Correct installation of your lift leads to correct functionality and ease of use.

Professional installation also guarantees safety and security – two important features in boat lift installation and use. Our team values your safety and the safe and seamless operation of your boat lift, so we have dealers all over the US who are skillfully trained to install HydroHoist lifts.

Trust The Installation of Your Lift To Our Certified HydroHoist Installers

Installing a boat lift correctly and securely requires an impressive number of tools as well as specialized training and hands-on experience. When our highly qualified team performs your installation, we carefully ensure:

  • Your lift is assembled on a flat, level surface
  • The installation site is thoroughly and accurately prepared
  • The boat hull configuration is accurate
  • Tanks and brackets are accurately aligned
  • The front’s End Channel is carefully reinforced
  • All arms and assembly are thoroughly inspected
  • A final inspection is performed post-installation
  • Lift operation is double-checked and systematically tested

We leave nothing to chance when installing your boat lift and help you get familiar with its simple operation.

That is why the best tip we can offer for installing a boat lift is to let our team do it for you.

We proudly build and install our entire line of boat lifts and personal watercraft docking platforms and demonstrate how they work to make sure you can enjoy your boat as often as you like with simple operation and ease.

Important Factors In Choosing A Boat Lift

When selecting a boat lift, there are a plethora of important factors that go into your final decision. Starting with your budget, our sales team and dealers will help you get the biggest bang for your buck. Our team will also make sure your choice provides all the options you need for easy operation and safe use. You should discuss the following factors with our authorized technicians and Certified Installers:

  • The shape and size of your dock
  • Your boat’s weight when fully loaded
  • Whether your boat docks in fresh or saltwater
  • Whether your dock is the fixed or floating type
  • Your off-season boat storage needs and preferences

Durability and reliability are only two of the important features of every boat lift we offer. We also provide user instructions, in-depth manuals, and a comprehensive troubleshooting guide. When you choose a lift to make boat ownership easier, we make sure it does just that by handling the installation process from start to finish.


Benefits of A Boat Lift

A boat lift is a smart way to protect your investment in your watercraft. Owning a HydroHoist boat lift means you get the best boat lift in the industry because we stand by our products. With a boat lift, you get these amazing benefits:

  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Simplified equipment loading
  • Easier cleaning and maintenance 
  • Faster and easier passenger boarding
  • Freedom from tangled ropes and lines
  • Protection from water-borne oxidization
  • Limit water absorption and hull damage

In addition to these benefits, you also get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your boat is safe and secure from marine-life damage, vandals, and theft. You will also benefit from the possible damage that can happen in your boat knocks against the dock – which can happen without a protective boat lift.

Benefits of A HydroHoist Boat Lift

HydroHoist boat lifts are considered the best in the business for a reason. We spearhead the lift industry by staying on top of boating innovation, revolution, and technology. As the industry evolves, we evolve with it. Whether your boat is used in fresh or saltwater, we have the boat lift you need. Our selection includes:

  • Pontoon and Tritoon Boat Lifts
  • Wake and Surf Boat Lifts
  • Center Console Boat Lifts
  • VHull Boat Lifts
  • Fishing Boat Lifts
  • UltraLift Series Boat Lifts
  • UltraLift Front Mount
  • UltraLift Shallow Water
  • HarborHoist
  • E-Series

We also offer three JetSki docking platform options for personal watercrafts (PWC) including the HP Epic, HP Extreme, and HP Pro. These products help ensure your PWC is quickly and easily accessible and helps protect it with our exclusive bow bumper, soft rest for the keel, and rollers that help center your PWC. In an upcoming blog, we will document the benefits of PWC SeaDoo docking stations and their installation process.


Contact Us To Learn More About Installing Your Boat Lift

A HydroHoist team member can help you learn everything you need to know about choosing the right boat lift and setting up the worry-free installation. Start by looking through our full catalog of boat lifts, information guides and manuals, and installation and user tips and best practices. We stand by every product we sell and install and provide outstanding client service experiences that start the day you contact us and continue through the life of your boat lift.

Our single-button, quick-cycle operation means you can lift and launch your vessel with incredible ease while leaving a minimal on-dock footprint. It also means you increase the useable space on your dock and get faster, easier access to your boat whether you are loading passengers, gear, or cargo.

Every boat lift model we offer is designed to combine the safety and security of a dry dock with the ease and convenience of in-water storage. They are also designed to deter theft and vandalism and to protect your boat’s paint job. Our ultimate goal is to make absolutely certain you and your family and friends get to spend less time lowering and raising your vessel and more time enjoying the water.