Posted on July 28, 2021

Why Do I Need A Boat Lift?


Written by HydroHoist Marketing


If you own a boat, you’ve probably heard of a boat lift; if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably considering purchasing one. Start your journey to boat ownership by understanding what a boat lift is. It’s a device mounted to your dock to mechanically lower your boat into the water when it’s ready for use and lift your boat out of the water for temporary or long-term storage. If you’re thinking of investing in one, you need to understand what features and benefits of a boat lift make it a smart investment.

As summer gets closer, and boating in the sunshine gains greater and greater appeal, you’ll find more and more reasons to take your boat out. As you think about and plan your summertime outings, consider these three reasons you need a boat lift for your boat.

Ease of Operation That Can Lead To More Frequent Use

  1. Let’s face it – launching and lifting your boat manually can be a huge deterrent to actual use. It’s a daunting task that takes a lot of strength, power, and time. One of the biggest benefits of a boat lift is that it makes it easier to use your boat which can lead to more frequent use. When you’re ready to take your boat out onto the water, which scenario do you find most appealing? The muscle strength and manpower of trailering your boat in and out of the water before every outing OR the one-touch simplicity of launching your boat into and out of the water with a HydroHoist Boat Lift? Us, too. One of the primary reasons you need – and want – a boat lift is because it will give you easy, convenient access to your boat whenever you’re ready to enjoy it. Owning a boat lift means you get more than easy, immediate access to the water. You’ll also enjoy:

  • The ability to clean and preserve your boat’s hull with simple spraying and wiping
  • The ability to eliminate tangled lines – and frustration – every time you tie off your boat
  • Significantly faster, more stress-free, more secure boarding for yourself and passengers

All these factors make having a boat lift an investment you can’t afford to make because it’s an investment in your boat’s present and in its future.

Easier Boat Maintenance And Decreased Maintenance Costs

Keeping your boat out of the water might sound redundant, but when the bottom of your boat is in constant contact with water, it can take on a gradual accumulation of algae, saltwater damage, and other water matter including barnacles, zebra mussels, crustaceans, and marine life. Over time, this harmful and unsightly accumulation can create damage to the hull and boat of even the most well-cared-for watercraft because, although, a boat is designed to be used on the water, continually resting in water around the clock can be dangerous and corrosive.

By not continually storing your boat in freshwater or saltwater, you prevent destructive hull damage, avoid continuous water absorption, and save time in the short-term and in the long run. Among the many benefits of a boat lift are the variety of ways it makes boat maintenance easier and preserves the life of your boat. Constant water immersion can contribute to diminished functionality and speed over the lifetime of your boat. You’ll also get these incredible boat preservation benefits:

  • Less time scrubbing and cleaning your boat
  • Less frequent underpainting of your boat
  • A decreased need for protective anti-foul paint

A boat lift does exactly what its names says – it lifts your boat safely and securely out of the water. That one reason for owning a boat lift means you preserve your investment in your boat, its physical condition, and your own peace of mind.

Protection And Security That Provide Invaluable Peace Of Mind

  1. Aside from your home and car, your boat is probably one of the single, largest financial investments you’ll make, so protecting that investment is a savvy, strategic move. It’s an investment in your investment that makes sound financial sense. The peace of mind that comes with a boat lift means you can eliminate concerns about your boat becoming untied from – or worse yet – sinking at its dock. It also means your boat is protected from theft and vandalism.

A boat lift protects more than the physical structure of your watercraft. It also protects the physical structure and integrity of your boat’s dock. In short, a boat lift is an investment that safeguards the financial and emotional investment you’ve already made in your boat. That makes worry-free boat ownership one of the greatest benefits of a boat lift. You’ll also get these added advantages from your investment in a boat lift:

  • Easier and safer loading and unloading of passengers
  • Easier and safer loading, packing, and outfitting of your boat
  • Prevent your boat from knocking and banging against the dock

Choosing a boat lift for your vessel significantly enhances safety and protection, outperforming traditional docking methods. According to Yanping, boat lifts are pivotal for maintaining the stability and integrity of vessels during lifting operations, offering a much safer alternative to traditional docking, which can expose boats to potential damages. Boat lifts protect your boat by securely elevating it above the waterline, minimizing exposure to the elements and reducing the risk of hull damage. This approach not only preserves your boat's aesthetic and structural integrity but also contributes to overall maritime safety. (Yanping, 2006)

Why wrestle with the cumbersome task of trailering your boat or risk leaving it in the water where it’s vulnerable to damage and theft? Get the boat lift you need to make boat ownership the pleasure trip it’s supposed to be.

Additional Benefits of A Boat Lift

In addition to the benefits listed above, you’ll also experience many other advantages from investing in a boat lift. You’ll increase the value of your boat if you ever decide to sell or upgrade. You’ll also keep your boat safe from theft, vandalism, and extreme weather. Finally, one of the primary benefits of a boat lift is the way it allows you to truly enjoy your boat and your boating adventures without all the hard work of manually getting it in and out of the water.

When you’re ready to experience the benefits of a boat lift, contact HydroHoist to get a hassle-free quote with a professional boat lift dealer and installer in your area. Our team will work hard to ensure your needs are met, your boat and dock are professionally fitted, and you’re up to speed on every operation of your boat lift from stem to stern.