Posted on July 28, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Few things compare to the thrill and excitement of boating. Setting sail on the open water and enjoying the sun on your face can’t compare to many of life’s other pleasures. Whether your boat is used for short fishing excursions or for leisurely trips that include lazing on the deck or experiencing the thrill of sea air and seawater, a boat lift lets you keep your boat safe while it’s in storage and ready to hit the water whenever you are. How you choose a boat lift takes on a greater significance when you understand everything a lift does for your boat.

Choosing a boat lift is as important as choosing a boat because how you choose a boat lift can affect the short-term and long-term life of your boat. That means strategically choosing a boat lift that protects your boat from theft and damage when it’s not in use, while simultaneously keeping it ready to lower into the water every time you’re ready to captain it. It also means easily lowering your boat into the water even when it’s at its maximum wet weight.

It’s a savvy move to protect the investment you’ve made in your boat with a lift that fits properly, is easy to manage and operate on your own, and gives you the peace of mind you need to be able to enjoy your boat for years. You’ve already made the first of two best choices for your boat by opting for a HydroHoist boat lift. Now, keep reading to make the second of two best choices by choosing the right HydroHoist lift for your boat, your dock, and your water conditions.

How To Choose A Boat Lift From HydroHoist

Boat owners of all ages and skill levels want to keep their boats in good condition, safe and protected, and ready for water use. When deciding what lift fit will best your needs, ask yourself these five important questions.

  1. Where will I store my boat during its offseason?
  2. What is my boat lift budget?
  3. What type of water is my boat typically in?
  4. How much does my boat weigh when it’s fully outfitted?
  5. Is my dock fixed or floating?

The HydroHoist UltraLift Series Boat Lift

Our UltraLift models include UltraLift, UltraLift Front Mount, and UltraLift Shallow Water. All of the lifts feature polyethylene tanks. They’re designed to be extremely resistant to impact and low-water damage. They flex when they’re under stress and automatically revert back to their original, pre-stress shape.

The UltraLift’s steel components are designed to stay above the water which reduces, resists, and defies rust, corrosion, and exposure to the elements. The UltraLift is the right boat lift for you if you’re looking for a lift that’s virtually a maintenance-free method of convenient storage that protects your boat in all seasons.

How you choose a boat lift depends in large part on your boat’s weight, so choose the UltraLift if:

  • Your boat weighs between 4,400 and 32,000 pounds
  • You want a lift with easy-to-use push button controls

How you choose a shallow water boat lift depends in large part on your water depth, so choose the UltraLift Shallow Water boat lift if:

  • Your boat will be in a minimum of 22” inches +draft of water
  • If your boat is less than 9,000 pounds

How you choose a front mount boat lift depends in large part on the design of your dock, so choose an UltraLift front mount if:

  • You are sharing a slip space with another boater
  • Your dock or slip is oddly shaped

The HydroHoist HarborHoist Boat Lift

Our HarborHoist lift model is our most versatile, adaptable, free-floating boat lift. You can secure the HarborHoist with either ropes or with a traditional mooring system. It’s made of aluminum which increases durability and is ideal for saltwater applications. The lift also deters unsightly marine growth and protects your boat from damage by ensuring it doesn’t knock against the dock during wake or during inclement weather.

The HarborHoist is super low maintenance – you can simply spray the hull of your boat clean or wipe it down by using the walkways that run the length of your boat. That ease of maintenance will ensure your boat stays clean and preserves its good looks for years. You’ll be able to control water osmosis in your boat’s hull and enjoy fast, easy lift and launch action.

How you choose a boat lift depends in large part on your water type and slip type, so choose the HarborHoist if:

  • Your boat is docked and launched in saltwater
  • You are in a marina, intercoastal waterway, mooring to a pillar or dock

The HydroHoist E-Series Boat Lift

Our E-Series lift model is the one for you if you’re looking for quality protection you can depend on at a budget-friendly price. It combines durability with practicality and functionality to give your boat the protection and security it needs and deserves.

The E-Series is easy, convenient, and affordable in a seamless package with heavy-duty galvanized construction and a lockable, deck-mounted control box. It’s ideal for water depths of up to four feet and slips up to twelve feet wide.

How you choose a boat lift depends in large part on your budget, so choose the E-Series if:

  • Your boat weighs up to 6,500 pounds fully loaded and outfitted
  • Affordable reliability and quality are at the top of your list

Join Savvy Boat Owners Who Trust Their Watercraft To HydroHoist

At HydroHoist Boat Lifts, we take boat ownership as seriously as you do. Quality construction and reliability have been the hallmarks of our company since its inception. In fact, our product is so dependable that many of the original lifts are still being used to this day.

Whether you use your boat for family excursions, fishing trips, or just for pleasure cruises, you’ll want to safeguard the investment you’ve made in your boat with a boat lift that preserves and protects your vessel. HydroHoist has been providing these important features to boat enthusiasts for more than 55 years.

Turn your boat slip into year-round boat storage with a lift that fits your type of dock construction, type of water, and local docking regulations. Carefully read your manual to determine the age of your boat, its length and weight, and its hull type. Along with your water type – fresh or seawater – and your dock type – fixed or floating – these factors play an important role in how you choose a boat lift and where it’s positioned in your slip.

How you choose a boat lift can say a lot about your dedication to your watercraft. With the right boat lift, you can get your boat into and out of the water with ease and speed. Your boat will also be protected from theft, storms, water damage, and hull damage.

Contact us today to get a no-cost, no-obligation quote for your preferred lift. Our professional dealers and industry-leading lift installers will work with you to ensure you understand your selection options and receive the lift that’s right for your boat and your boating lifestyle.