Posted on September 1, 2022

Boat Lift Buying Guide: Is a Boat Lift Worth It?

Is Buying a Boat Lift Worth It?

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

A boat lift needs to safely lift your watercraft out of the water without breaking down over time, but all types of boat lifts need a certain amount of water to function properly. Some boat owners are limited in terms of where they can install a lift based on the water level and the height of the dock and awning roof. If you live in or near shallow waters, you need to use a shallow water lift to raise your boat to the proper height. Learn more about shallow water lifts and how they differ from the standard UltraLift from HydroHoist.

Protecting Your Investment

From the water itself to people on the shore, many bad things can happen to a boat that stays on the water. Water absorption, algae, marine life, and collisions with your dock or shore can damage your boat’s hull, affecting its look and performance. High winds, water level fluctuations, and inclement weather conditions can also cause damage. Boats are treated with anti-fouling paint, but the best way to protect your boat from the need for constant pressure washing, scraping, sanding, and repainting is to lift it out of the water to avoid that damage.

Preserving Your Boat’s Life

A well-maintained boat performs well for years and with a better resale value when you’re considering upgrading. Lifting your boat helps you preserve your boat’s value as well as your wallet—you won’t be spending anywhere near as much money on maintenance and repair costs over time. A boat lift, or boat hoist, also allows convenient access to the underside of your boat, which makes the maintenance that you have to do a lot easier. For boaters who want an attractive, high-performing boat to enjoy or resell, a boat lift is a necessity.

Saving Money and Stress

Lifting your boat means lifting a ton of anxieties and inconveniences and making it easier to relax. A boat lift means that your trip to the water means a trip from the back door with your cooler and loved ones—no need to fight for ramp access or a place in line to launch or load back up at the end of the day. Boat lifts with motors also add even more convenience, with features like push-button operation ensuring that you save the energy you would have used on manual operation for your outing. With your boat protected, you also won’t have to spend as much time or money on maintaining your boat, which makes a boat lift an all-around win for boat owners.

Investing in a Boat Lift from HydroHoist

A boat lift is an essential part of your waterfront and well worth the upfront cost for a lot of reasons. HydroHoist has always had the goal of making boat lifts that protect your watercraft while being convenient, durable, and user-friendly. We design with safety and longevity in mind so you can be confident that your boat is kept stable and secure. No matter what kind of watercraft you use, we have a model that can support your boat and your life on the water. Find a HydroHoist dealer in your area to find out more about which of our lifts are the best fit for you. 


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