Posted on March 16, 2023

How To Move a Boat Lift & Keep Your Lift in Place

How Your Lift Stays in Place/How To Move Your Lift

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

While much of installation and removal depends on your water and type of boat lift, two things are true across all types. 

  • Proper installation and maintenance is the best way to keep your boat lift securely in place.
  • Moving your boat lift doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you’re moving it in the water.

Investing in a boat lift just makes sense. It keeps your watercraft secure, clean, and in good repair by protecting it from damage. It also makes getting on and off the water much more convenient than needing to haul your boat out with a trailer every time you want to go on an outing. The money and time you invest in properly installing and moving your boat lift will pay off over the life of your boat and beyond.

Secure Installation

Ensuring that your boat lift is properly installed from the beginning is the best way to keep it secure, no matter what kind of water you’re on or what type of lift you’re using. Always review the owner’s manual before your installations, even if you’re a seasoned pro or have used similar models of boat lift before. Confirm that you have all of the parts you need before you begin installing your boat lift and that all of those parts are in good repair. It’s best to get this taken care of before spring installation season to be certain that you can order parts or schedule maintenance before dealers get really busy. Each waterfront is different and will have different installation requirements, but above all else, assure that your legs, piles, anchors, or other means of securing your boat lift system are in place and that if you need hardware to attach it to a dock or seawall that you have it before the installation begins.

If you’re nervous about doing the boat lift install yourself, or this is your first season installing a lift, your local dealer can provide installation help and advice.

Easily Move Your Boat Lift Anywhere

How you approach moving your boat lift will depend on where you’re moving it to and from—whether you’re going to and from the shore or keeping it in the water as you move it.

The transition from shore to water and back again requires some work and disassembly (although the work can be minimized when you invest in a dock that comes apart in fewer pieces due to its construction). Follow the assembly instructions in reverse, starting with the furthest dock or boat lift section until the system is in small enough pieces for transit. From there, they can be moved to shore by towing, especially if you have a floating dock system that’s very easy to move. Load the system onto a vehicle and secure it for transportation to its new home.

Moving a boat lift to a different spot in the water requires less work overall, especially if you have a floating boat lift like the models available from HydroHoist. Whether you move your floating dock in one piece or as sections, moving it is a matter of disconnecting it from the shore and pulling or towing it to the new location. Just make sure that the water is deep enough to keep the bottom from getting scratched. For sectional or modular dock systems with legs, a wheel kit addition can help make the process a little easier.

Heavy Duty HydroHoist Boat Lifts

Whether lifting a jet ski or a tritoon, the right boat lift will help secure your watercraft and complete your waterfront. Choosing a high-quality product made with the help of expert marine engineering knowledge, cutting-edge processes, and sturdy materials goes a long way toward ensuring that your boat lift stays where it’s supposed to while being easy to move if needed. HydroHoist boat lifts of all sizes are designed to fit your needs and perform above and beyond.

If you need help securing or moving your HydroHoist boat lift or have other waterfront questions that need answers, a HydroHoist dealer can help. Reach out to us online, and we can put you in touch with an authorized dealer in your area.


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