Posted on March 2, 2023

Live in Shallow Water? Learn Why the UltraLift is the Best Boat Lift for Shallow Water

Live in Shallow Water? No problem: learn why the ULTRALIFT SHALLOW WATER is the best lift for your lakefront

Written by HydroHoist Marketing


Shallow water levels can be hard on a boat, dock system, and a boat lift that’s not designed to meet them. The UltraLift Shallow Water is an example of a boat lift system designed for the challenges of shallow water levels thanks to its materials and design.

Shallow water is a problem for a lot of boaters. Whether your shoreline has a gradual grade that takes a while to get deeper, the tides change a lot, or the area is otherwise prone to low water levels, if you have a boat lift, you still need to keep it out of the water somehow. A boat lift for shallow water is specifically designed to hold your boat and accommodate the low water levels that problem shorelines can cause, which can lead to damage and difficulties in accessing your boat. When you’re consistently operating in water that’s between 24” and 4’, you need a better boat lift option than what most of the market can provide.

Water Levels and Your Boat Lift

Fluctuating water levels are a natural part of life on the water, and so are the complications that come along with them. Tides, inclement weather, currents, and boat traffic can all affect how deep or shallow the water is, and dramatic or violent fluctuations can batter your boat lift and put a lot of strain on it. This is especially true if your boat lift is made of materials like wood that show wear and tear more than some other materials. If your boat lift ever becomes submerged in a particularly high tide, you might not be able to access your boat lift at all. The lift controls and other important components also might get submerged, or the lifting arm might not lift your boat high enough out of the water. 

Lower water levels also make accessing your boat on the lift difficult. Boats lowered into shallow water sit lower next to a stationary dock, making the boat more difficult to board (a floating boat lift system can handle changes in water depth easier, but it’s not going to be the best approach for all shorelines). It’s also harder to dock a boat in shallow water if it requires a certain depth to operate safely. Boat lifts designed for the appropriate water level are the only way to resolve these issues.

Top Shallow Water Boat Lift Considerations

A boat lift can be a shallow water boat lift if it’s designed to compensate for those challenges. Some of those design considerations will include the following:

  • Durable materials that can withstand the elements and heavy use;
  • The water levels that the lift can operate in, which should line up with the water levels commonly seen at your dock; 
  • The various designs and features you can get with your boat lift system.

With as many options as there are on the market, it helps to have an expert helping you out. An authorized HydroHoist dealer can help you make the best choices for your waterfront.

HydroHoist UltraLift Shallow Water

HydroHoist has docking options for a variety of different watercraft, but the UltraLift Shallow Water is noteworthy because of the design that allows for shallow water use. UltraLift Shallow Water is for boaters with less than 4’ of water to work with and has the lowest pneumatic lifting system in the industry to compensate for shallow water challenges. HydroHoist was also one of the first companies to design a polyethylene shallow water boat tank with a different width from traditional lifts, which is naturally incorporated into the UltraLift Shallow Water. A galvanized frame, poly bushings in all the moving parts, and rotationally molded polyethylene tanks come standard.

The HydroHoist UltraLift Shallow Water is not exclusive to shallow water use, either. It can still be used in water with normal fluctuations as well. In fact, it might be a better option in cases such as if you own a boat with a taller wake/surf tower and require a lower profile tank design to keep your boat from hitting the canopy of your dock or marina. Lower profile designs are also better for areas with HOAs and other regulations that want boat lifts to be shorter to keep from blocking the view.

If you have any questions about what HydroHoist boat lifts have to offer or if you’re ready to take the plunge into life with UltraLift Shallow Water, get in touch with an authorized HydroHoist dealer in your area.


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