Posted on June 16, 2022


How tall are boat lifts?

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Some boaters who try to install a boat lift run into issues with the sizing. Not the weight capacity, necessarily, but how tall their boat lift needs to be. Some areas may require you to pull a permit for installations over a certain size, or an HOA might not want too many boat lifts getting in the way of the view. Where do you start looking for a boat lift that fits their requirements?

Boat lifts are, in general, not very tall. Generally, they’re around three or four feet (42 to 58 inches)—enough to keep your boat’s hull clear of the water but not enough to be obstructive, and they are short enough to keep from adding excessive weight. The height of a boat lift also needs to cover the hull draft and travel distance to ensure that your boat is supported and can be fully lifted out of the water. These are the specifications and benefits of the boat lifts available from HydroHoist.



UltraLift Series

You can’t go wrong with any boat lift from the UltraLift Series by HydroHoist. Our priority has always been protecting watercraft and making the boating experience easy, safe, and fun, which our boat lifts are well-suited for. A push of a button can launch and dock your vessel, and the lift is sturdy enough to keep your boat out of the water for months at a time. Different model numbers offer different capacities and require different water depths, but if your water is anywhere from four feet to seven feet and allows room for hull draft, you’re in good shape.

UltraLift Front Mount

For docks where space is at a premium due to a strangely-shaped dock or shared slip space, the UltraLift Front Mount boat lift offers extra room in the slip. It’s specifically designed for double-sized and L-shaped moorings and can hoist up to 6,500 pounds. It requires a water depth of at least seven feet.

UltraLift Shallow Water

Having a shallow shoreline doesn’t mean you can’t have a floating lift—only that you need one designed for shallow water. Enter the UltraLift Shallow Water Boat Lift. A longer tank and lower profile mean that this lift is operated in water that’s at least three feet deep (22 inches plus the draft minimum water depth). We designed it alongside the UltraLift, so it has the same engineering that keeps the steel parts out of the water to maximize the lift’s lifespan.


If your shoreline has brackish or saltwater, you have special considerations. Luckily for you, our HarborHoist boat lifts were built to withstand those harsh conditions. HarborHoist can be tied to docks or pilings with ropes or a conventional mooring system. Uniquely, HarborHoist gives you room to grow—you can add capacity to HarborHoist boat lifts to accommodate a heavier boat in the event that you decide to upgrade. You’ll need at least 24 inches of water depth plus the draft.

Boat Lifts from HydroHoist

From PWCs to tritoons, your boat deserves the very best protection. If you’re in the market for a floating boat lift, HydroHoist Boat Lifts are your best bet. We’ve led the market in innovation and engineering since 1964 in protection for boats, PWC, and docks. Our award-winning lifts and docking platforms give you fast, convenient, durable, and versatile access to the water when you need it. Contact HydroHoist to find a boat lift that works for you. 


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