Posted on October 27, 2020



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

HH Grand 20

Boat owners love being on the water and feeling the waves under their favorite watercraft. They choose boat lifts to make boat ownership easier. They choose HydroHoist boat lifts for another reason – because they want the best bang for their boating buck, which means they want the bestselling boat lift – a HydroHoist – because we are an industry leader in boating and boat lift technology.

When a boat lift makes using the boat you love easier, it naturally leads to more frequent use and enjoyment. When you decide to invest in a boat lift, do not just invest in any lift, invest in the bestselling boat lift on the market. We are the boat lift maker that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Start by understanding the benefits of a boat lift and how it helps you spend more time on your boat and water.

Benefits of A HydroHoist Boat Lift

When you want to spend less time getting your boat in and out of the water, our boat lifts are a must-have. More than an accessory, they are a technology tool that offers these incredible features and benefits:

  • Limit or eliminate damage to your boat’s hull
  • Protect your boat from water-borne oxidization
  • Limit the damaging effects of corrosion
  • Make putting your boat into and out of the water easier
  • Stop damaging and unsightly marine growth

In addition to these benefits, a HydroHoist boat lift makes it a cinch to clean and easily maintain your boat’s hull, lets you say goodbye to annoying line tangles, and helps you quickly and easily get yourself, your passengers, and your gear on and off your boat. Now that you know why you need a lift, keep reading to find out why you need a HydroHoist lift.

Why Choose HydroHoist Versus Competitor One

One of our leading competitors, ShoreStation, offers boat lifts that may require more frequent battery changes than our long-lasting power solutions. They have an entire troubleshooting section that talks about the foibles you might experience with their lifts including:

  • Stuck platforms
  • Slow-moving lifts
  • Squealing during use
  • Loose wires
  • Overloaded units
  • Dead batteries

Avoid these potential drawbacks with the ease and simplicity of HydroHoist’s unbeatable push-button control system. We are the bestselling boat lift builder and retailer for a reason. Our single button technology means you can raise and lower your lift with ease. Combined with the boating industry’s smallest on-dock footprint, it means you get more space on your dock and greater access to your boat. It also means significantly less noise during operation and the shortest possible time between push and launch!

Why Choose HydroHoist Versus Competitor Two

Another boat lift competitor, Hi-Tide, offers a variety of boat lifts but does not feature the dock and marina power sources and solutions savvy boat owners have come to expect. Their troubleshooting and FAQ section provides information on their:

  • Limited warranties
  • Varying lift times and speeds
  • Potentially ungainly cords and cables

This competitor’s boat lifts may also require cumbersome maintenance including greasing of some components and potential fraying, kinking, and water damage. At HydroHoist, we pride ourselves on working hard to remain the bestselling boat lift technologist with our simple, maintenance-free boat lifts that making launching your boat as simple as pushing a button while simultaneously providing you with a safe, simple, dry-dock solution.

You Simply Cannot Find A Better Boat Lift

Neither of our competitors has the variety of boat lift and power source options we do. That is because we lead the industry in boating technology and innovation. At HydroHoist, we offer more than the best boat lifts in the boating world, we also have the bestselling boat lift, marina, and dock power sources and solutions. We offer everything you need because when we work hard to make boating easier and more enjoyable, we take all your boat and dock needs into consideration.

Our boat lifts are designed for fresh and saltwater and for varying water depths. With seven boat lift models along with HydroLockers, corner bumpers, plank kits, and centering guides, we work hard to meet the needs of every boat owner and PWC (personal watercraft) owner, and marina owner. We are more than a boat lift manufacturer. We are THE market originator and THE industry innovator of the hydropneumatic boat lift – and we stay on top of boating technology so we can stay at the top of our industry.

Experience The Best Customer Service In The Industry

Our team is made up of boat lovers just like you. That is why we work so hard to provide an unbeatable customer experience. We do more than make and sell the best boat lifts in the industry. We make sure your questions are fully answered and your lift is ready to use right from the start. To make sure you have everything you need, we offer quality, trusted installation, and these customer-favorite features:

  • Fast, friendly quotes
  • Instructional videos
  • Customer-focused blogs
  • Responsive team members
  • Industry-leading warranties

When you are ready to enhance the investment that you have made in your boat with an easy-to-use, low maintenance boat lift, contact the bestselling boat lift company. Call the sales team at HydroHoist for a no-cost, no-obligation quote today. Our team knowledgeable, tech-savvy, and customer-focused. Because our goal is two-fold – to create the best boat lifts and the most satisfied customers.