Posted on May 7, 2020

A Complete Guide to Select the Best Boat Lifts


Written by HydroHoist Marketing

HydroHoist Lake James

Choosing your boat meant finding one that fit your specific water needs and personal aesthetic. It meant knowing whether your boat was going to be used for business or for recreation, whether it was for a single passenger or a small or large group, or for fishing or sunbathing. You might have even chosen your boat because it was specifically designed with flexibility that allows you to use it for any combination of these uses. Choosing a boat lift for your boat means taking almost as many factors into consideration. When you’re ready to choose the boat lift that fits your needs, consider each of these options to ensure you get the best boat lift for you.

Boat Weight

Your boat lift has to lift and lower your boat fully loaded. That means you need to choose your boat lift according to the loaded weight of your boat. Start by reading your boat’s specs to get the minimum weight your boat lift has to carry. Next, add the weight of everything else your boat will carry. That includes equipment, tackle, gear – anything that will add to the weight your boat lift will have to bear.

This final number is your maximum weight and the figure you should use when choosing your HydroHoist Boat Lift. Our sales team will help you determine the best boat lift for your fully-loaded watercraft to avoid selecting a lift that’s too small. One of the best benefits of choosing one of our boat lifts according to weight is that it enables you to load your boat to its maximum weight and avoid leaving anything behind for fear of overloading the lift. Loaded. Lifted. Lowered.

Water Type

Because water types and water depths can vary greatly, choosing the best boat lift means knowing a lot about the water your boat sails on and the water at your dock. For starters, it’s important to know whether your water is deep or shallow. It’s equally important to know whether the water at your dock is saltwater or freshwater and where your boat will be stored in the offseason.

The depth of your water is equally important as is knowing whether your dock is fixed or floating. At HydroHoist, we offer boat lifts that are specifically designed for your type of water and your type of dock. Boat lifts offer the added bonus of lifting and storing your boat out the water and away from the elements when it isn’t in continual use. Safe. Stored. Tamper-Resistant.

Lift Operation

One of the primary reasons to invest in a boat lift is its ease of operation. The best boat lift for you is one that puts control right at your fingertips. Because it makes raising and lowering your boat easier, a HydroHoist Boat Lift can also mean you spend more time enjoying your boat. A boat lift can mean no more fighting with twisted and tangled ropes and lines, no more long and crowded launch ramps when trailering your boat, and no more canceled trips when that amount of exertion makes you change your boating plans.

Never cancel another outing when owning a HydroHoist Boat Lift since it offers the easiest lift operation around with a simple process. To launch your boat into the water, rotate the valve or push the lower button and detach the guide ropes. To lift your boat out of the water, just position it over the lift, reattach the guide ropes, and rotate the valve or push the raise button. Simple. Easy. Convenient.


The best boat lift for you is the one that offers all the features you need – and gives you the invaluable peace of mind you deserve. Why? Because a HydroHoist Boat Lift can do so much more than lift your boat in and out of the water safely. It can also keep the bottom and hull of your boat clean, well-preserved, and well-protected. It keeps your boat out of the reach of thieves and vandals and offers safe, simple storage during the off-season.

It keeps marine life at bay, protects your paint job, and gives you immediate access to the water with the turn of a valve or the push of a button.

Choose The Best Boat Lift Model For Your Specific Needs

When we say there is a HydroHoist Boat Lift for everyone, we mean it. When you’re ready to select a HydroHoist Boat Lift that fits your needs, check out the product page for each of our lift models. The lifts we offer include:

  • Pontoon/Triton Boat Lift maintains your boat’s appearance for years and easily sprays clean
  • Wake/Surf Boat Lift controls water osmosis in your boat’s hull to protect your investment
  • UltraLift is all steel above the waterline with a heavy-duty hull support system
  • UltraLift Front Mount fits oddly shaped boat slips and docks and features adjustable hull support
  • UltraLift Shallow Water has low profile molded polyethylene tanks to accommodate shallow water conditions, or if your boat is too tall to fit in your dock on a standard lift
  • HarborHoist free-floating design allows it to simply be tied to a dock and is ideal in areas prone to flooding or hurricanes. This boat lift also allows you to have an extension to your dock if your slip is already full with another boat
  • E-Series has a custom-molded polyethylene tank and a lockable deck-mounted control box and is the value lift of choice

Each model has its own unique features and benefits. Our boat lifts can lift up to 32,000 pounds, are customized to fit your slip or dock, and are engineered to meet the most exacting standards – that’s why we’re known all over the world as the best boat lift money can buy. What does that mean for you? It means we’re sure to have a model that suits your needs and lets you get more pleasure and enjoyment out of your boat.

Are you ready for more details on the best boat lift for your boat? Read more about our company and our commitment to our clients here. You’ll also find additional information about our lift’s proprietary tanks, cast steel frames, and patented controls. We’re proud to offer a variety of the best HydroHoist Boat Lifts around with a customer service experience that simply cannot be beaten.

When you’re ready to select the best boat lift for your boat size, water type, and personal aesthetic, contact our sales team for outstanding service and competitive pricing. We’re dedicated to helping you protect the investment you’ve made in your boat with quality products, professional installation, and the promise of an unbeatable customer experience.