Posted on April 7, 2021

Lake Boat Lifts: Choose the Best Boat Lift for Your Lake


Written by HydroHoist Marketing

You probably did not purchase the very first boat you looked at, right? You chose carefully to ensure you invested in a boat that fit your specific needs, would work well in your preferred body of water and would maximize the fun of the boating life for yourself and your family and friends. Get ready to put that same discerning taste into choosing a boat lift. Not just any boat lift – the best boat lift for your lake.

When you’re ready to protect your investment in your boat with an investment in a boat lift, you simply cannot make a better choice than HydroHoist. Start by understanding a few key points about the lake you boat on and your watercraft.

Understand Your Water Type

Most lakes are freshwater – naturally occurring water that typically has lower concentrations of dissolved salts and other total dissolved solids. While most freshwater lakes, ponds, and streams are not brackish, they can contain minerals and species (zebra mussels). Lake water can also become polluted by human activity or by natural erosion. All these things can affect the hull of your boat – especially with long-term exposure – and should play a role in choosing the best boat lift for your lake. That pollution and erosion and their possible negative effects mean you should take extra steps to protect the hull of your boat.

When choosing the best boat lift for your lake, you need to understand the type of water in your lake and its depth. You also need to know the fully loaded weight of your vessel and whether your dock is fixed or floating. At HydroHoist, we offer a wide variety of boat lifts designed to meet the needs of your lake, your boat, and your specific in-season and off-season storage needs.

Understand The Climate of Your Lake

Natural and man-made lakes might both create lake effects and have varying water temperatures and levels. According to a Springer Link Climatology study, “Lake effects vary with the areal extent, depth, and configuration of the lake, the velocity and direction of winds, the existence of winter ice cover, and the general climatic environment within which the lake interacts.” These are factors that might help determine the type of boat lift you choose. Consider the differing climates of these lakes:

  • Lake Travis – Texas
  • Lake Norman – North Carolina
  • Lake Lanier – northern Georgia
  • Norris Lake – Tennessee
  • Lake Powell – on the Colorado River in Utah and Arizona
  • Lake Havasu – on the Colorado River bordering California and Arizona
  • Table Rock Lake – southwestern Missouri and northwestern Arkansas
  • Beaver Lake – Kentucky
  • Grand Lake – Oklahoma
  • Lake of the Ozarks – Missouri

With HydroHoist dealers all over the country, it’s much easier than you think to get a speedy and accurate quote for your ideal boat lift. Whether in the perpetual sunshine of Arizona or the cool temps of Colorado, wherever you launch, load, and lift your boat, HydroHoist has a team ready to help you maximize the use and enjoyment of your boat.

Our sales team and local dealers will meet you right where you are and help you select the best boat lift for your lake. Because we are the boat lift industry leader, we serve clients anywhere including in the U.S. and abroad. Whether your boat is on one of these lakes or any other body of water, our national and international team is ready to help you protect your boat with a HydroHoist boat lift. 

HydroHoist Freshwater Boat Lifts

What makes HydroHoist the best boat lift for your lake? Each of our boat lifts offers the same fast, easy, convenient access to the water and feature precision-designed, custom-molded, high-impact polyethylene tanks. All our lifts a low maintenance and offer protections that help your boat retain its appearance and its resale value. HydroHoist is simply the best-engineered boat lift in the industry and easily maintains its own, industry-leading resale value.

Boat lift models we offer that fit your lake include:

  • Pontoon/Tritoon
  • UltraLift
  • UltraLift Front Mount
  • UltraLift Shallow Water
  • E-Series

Additional boat lifts available is our HarborHoist model that has a level-lifting frame constructed of high-strength grade aluminum. It is our most versatile boat lift and is ideal for both fresh and saltwater.

No matter which model you choose, you will enjoy push button control right at your fingertips. With an incredible range of amenities, the best boat lift for your lake is really the one that is easiest to use. At HydroHoist, when we say easy to use, we mean it. That’s why every boat lift we sell (HarborHoist and UL 44,66, & 88 models) come with a standard push-button control that lets you operate your boat lift with a simple touch of your finger – just think of how much more frequently you’ll be willing to put your boat on the water when all it takes is a single touch. It makes lift operation effortless, has the boating industry’s smallest footprint, frees up more room on your dock, and offers better access to your boat. A HydroHoist boat lift with push-button control means significantly less noise and the fastest launch time in the industry.

Keep These Things In Mind When Choosing The Best Boat Lift For Your Lake

In addition to information about your lake and its specific makeup, there are other factors you need to keep in mind when choosing a boat lift. Tell our sales and installation team your lake’s:

  • Structure
  • Infrastructure
  • Water depth
  • Slip width
  • Fully loaded weight of boat

Feel free to call our team with any questions, to get help obtaining accurate measurements, or to find out more about how easy and maintenance-free our boat lifts are. All boat owners love being on the water, but not all bodies of water are the same. Each will have its own water content, size, depth, and dock space. When you are ready to invest in a boat lift to protect your boat from marine life, maximize your in-season and off-season storage options, and simplify launching and lifting your boat, HydroHoist is here to help.

Every unit we build lives up to our original mission to combine the security of a dry dock with the convenience of in-water storage. Store and secure your boat all year long, protect your boat from damage, vandals, and theft, and make boat ownership and enjoyment easier than you ever thought it could be. Contact our sales team today to request a custom quote and learn more about your body of water and the best boat lift for your lake.