Posted on May 5, 2020

The Benefits of Adding Boat Lifts To Your Marina

The Benefits of Adding Boat Lifts To Your Marina

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Like boat owners everywhere, you bought your boat so that you and your family and friends could enjoy life on the water. Just because your boat was built to stay in the water while you are on it and enjoying it, though, does not mean it was meant to stay in the water permanently. When your boat is never out of the water, it becomes susceptible to damage, corrosion from algae and marine life, makes your boat susceptible to theft, and is open to acts of vandalism. This is where the benefits of adding a boat lift to your marina slip really start to show themselves.

When taking your boat out for the day or for the season starts to feel like a hassle or starts to become a physical challenge, it can lead to you using your watercraft less frequently than you would like. Less frequent boat use is not a good thing! It is not a good thing for you, your boat, or the family, friends, and colleagues who look forward to boating with you. In addition to encouraging continued use, the well-known benefits of adding a boat lift to your marina slip include:

  • Minimizing boat and hull damage during rough waters (storms)
  • Safeguarding against unsightly corrosion and deterioration
  • Optimizing the passenger-onboarding and off-loading process
  • Lowering your boat’s physical and financial maintenance costs
  • Extending the life of your paint job and your boat’s aesthetic appeal

All these benefits of adding a boat lift to your marina slip mean your one-time investment in a boat lift will help you repeatedly save money over the lifetime of your boat.

The Benefits of Adding A Boat Lift To Your Marina Slip or Dock In Tropical Climates

If you are fortunate enough to live in year-round warmth or a year-round tropical climate like Florida or California, you have the pleasure of enjoying your boat more often than boat owners who live in seasonal climates. While a boat owner in the Midwest or in the northern states look forward to summer, when they can use their boat on a daily basis, your idyllic climate lets you do that all year long.

If your boat sees near-daily use, imagine the ease and simplicity you can enjoy when your boat can be raised from and lowered into the water with the push of a button or with the turn of a valve. It is also a much simpler way to enjoy your boat without the physical exertion of dragging it into and out of the water with a trailer – especially when it is fully loaded and at its maximum weight.

Important benefits of adding a boat lift to your marina slip or dock include stability when docking your watercraft, regular respite for the hull of your boat, and peace of mind that lets you enjoy your boat more frequently on the water and worry about it much less when it is out of the water. Seasonal boat owners have a benefit to owning a boat lift, too. It gives them a simple, safe way to keep their boat stored where it is safe from the elements and ready for immediate use when the seasons change, and the weather cooperates.

The Benefits of Boats Lifts As A Marina Owner or Operator

As the owner, operator, or manager of a marina, you can decide to make boat maintenance and storage easier for the boat owners who dock their crafts in your marina. Boat owners will appreciate the forethought you put into their physical ability to launch and lift their boats in and out of the water.

The trust the boat owners who dock in your marina place in you will allow you to rent, lease, or sell boat lifts directly to them. Also, if a boat owner rents or leases a boat lift from you or has one of their own installed, their commitment to your particular marina is strengthened. Boaters will appreciate the ability to dock more carefully, more easily, and more safely.

One of the biggest benefits of adding a boat lift to your marina slip – or several boat lifts – is the impact it will have on your customer service and on your customer’s perception of your customer service. Add another layer of customer service and appeal to a new set of clients by adding the benefits of a boat lift to your marina.

Incorporating boat lifts into your marina enhances both capacity and operational efficiency. These systems are fundamental in streamlining the process of moving boats in and out of the water, a critical operation in busy marinas.

Research by Asmara & Yudo underlines that boat lifts are chosen based on both technical and economic factors. The design of boat lifts meets technical requirements essential for efficiently transferring boats between land and water. This careful selection ensures that the boat lifts are not only cost-effective but also tailored to meet the specific operational demands of marinas.

The installation of the right boat lifts facilitates quicker and more efficient boat movements, which minimizes wait times and enhances overall customer satisfaction. These improvements are crucial for marinas aiming to maintain high operational standards and deliver superior service to boat owners. (Asmara & Yudo, 2020)

Start Planning For This Year’s Summer On The Water

Like most boat owners, as the summer sets in and the water starts to dapple with sunshine and blue skies, you are probably eagerly looking forward to putting your boat on the water. Your boat will be easier to launch when you are ready to take to the water, and easier to lift at the end of the day with a boat lift. In fact, it will be easier to load and easier to unload with everything from fishing tackle to wakeboard equipment to food.

A HydroHoist Boat Lift will lift your boat safely in and out of the water and keep it safe and protected from water, wind, and wave damage – in other words, a boat lift is an affordable, additional investment in the investment you have already made in your boat.

Whether you are a marina owner who is considering installing boat lifts for new and existing clients or a boat owner who is considering installing a private boat lift, we are right here to help. Contact us today to learn more about the many benefits of adding a boat lift to your marina or to your marina space. Our sales team is here to help you make an informed decision about the best boat lift for your boat and water type. Call us at  (800) 825-3379, email us by clicking here, or browse our collection of boat lifts online. We proudly build and install the boat lift you have been looking for.



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