Posted on March 31, 2022


What’s Included When You Buy a Boat Lift?

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Your boating season would be incomplete without a boat lift, and getting one set up too late just takes away from your fun on the water. Everyone who spends time on the water should have a boat lift: it’s more than worth the upfront investment to ensure that you protect your boat from the water, elements, and other hazards of shoreline living. It also makes it so much more convenient to maintain and use your boat, and it helps its lifespan and resale value down the road. If you haven’t already bought a boat lift, or you are looking for options to upgrade, make sure that you know what’s included with your purchase and what you’ll need to buy separately. Not having items essential to your set-up means more hassle in the future. Here’s what HydroHoist includes when you buy a boat lift from us.


Boat Lifts

Your boat lift from HydroHoist will include everything you need to get started. Our high-quality lifts were designed to withstand saltwater and the elements without compromising performance. We have boat lift models suited for many different sizes and types of boats, docks, slips, and water types. Choose from the UltraLift or HarborHoist series of lifts from HydroHoist.


Bunks provide protection for your boat’s hull or pontoons while it’s stored on the boat lift. They’re compatible with different types of boat lifts and come in different lengths to accommodate lift and boat size. When you buy your boat lift from HydroHoist, you don’t need to add a bunk to it: you have options for bunks, pontoons, and tritoons.


Bow guides help prevent your boat from coming in contact with the dock, which prevents damage to your paint job and watercraft. They’re recommended for V-hull style boats and PWC, and they need to be bought separately. Bumpers are also sold separately and protect your dock and boat from collisions as well—get some for your sides and corners, and make sure that you pick up mounting hardware.

Motor Options

All HydroHoist boat lifts come with push-button control standard: no learning or straining to use manual valves unless the power goes out, in which case that optional manual override on the Triton will come in handy. The control box will come with your HydroHoist. HydroHoist control features also include options for raise and boarding height timers.


Accessories can make your dock a safe place to store your boat, a great place to entertain, and a safer and more comfortable space to be. Add boat dock accessories to protect your waterfront, such as hydrolockers and safety equipment. View our complete collection of boat lift and dock accessories on our website. Dock accessories and boat lift replacement parts are available through your local HydroHoist dealer.

HydroHoist Boat Lifts

HydroHoist has been in the market since 1964, and our award-winning innovation and engineering ensures that we’ll stick around for even longer. If you have questions about HydroHoist boat lifts, reach out! Our customer service team is happy to help find you the answers you’re looking for. Use our online contact form to get started. 


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