Posted on March 3, 2022

Boat Lift Basics: Back to Basics in Buying a Boat Lift

Back to Basics in Buying a Boat Lift

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Your boat is as much of an investment as a house, car, or RV—it makes sense that you would want to protect it as much as possible. The best way to keep your boat safe is actually to keep it out of the water when it’s not in use. Boats aren’t meant to be in the water full time and need to be taken out of the water sometimes. However, unlike trailering your boat, lifting your boat out of the water using a boat lift on your dock keeps your boat accessible while keeping it safe. Here are other reasons why a boat lift is a great investment for any boater.


Pontoon and Tritoon Boat Lifts

The pontoon and tritoon boats of today are larger, heavier, and more powerful than a lot of other boats, which means a larger lift with extra power. A pontoon lift gives you the stability you need to properly support your boat with the convenience of getting on the water quickly and easily. The UltraLift Series is our most popular boat lift model. It features tanks that are resistant to impact and low-water damage, hardware that stands up to the hazards of waterfront life, and models available for a range of weight capacities.

Wake/Surf Boat Lifts

Storing your wakeboard, surf, or towboat on a boat lift above the water will help maintain its performance and make wakeboarding and other watersports possible. The UltraLift Series and HarborHoist models for wake/surf boats are the HydroHoist boat lifts you’re looking for. They feature durable polyethylene tanks that flex when stressed and return to their original shape without any damage. We even have models that can hoist up to 32,000 pounds!

Center Console Boat Lifts

The HarborHoist Boat Lift is a free-floating boat lift designed specifically for center console boats. While these boats can be found in all bodies of water across the U.S., they are usually found in saltwater. With this in mind, we designed HarborHoist to stand up to the rigors of saltwater conditions, although it can offer protection in freshwater applications as well.

Jet Ski and PWC Dock Platforms

In addition to boat lifts, HydroHoist also has jet ski lift platform options for boaters with smaller watercraft. The HydroPort Series of jet ski lifts and ports—which includes the HP Pro, HP Extreme, and HP Epic—make launching and loading your watercraft easy and convenient. Our ports can mount to your dock for easy access. They all feature a bow bumper and soft rest for the keel, as well as a tapered entry with rollers to help you easily center your watercraft.

Purchase a Boat Lift from HydroHoist

If you’re here, you might be new to buying boat lifts, in which case you might be overwhelmed by your options. HydroHoist is a market leader thanks to innovation and engineering when it comes to docks and protection for your watercraft. Let our award-winning team answer your questions whether you’re new to the water or you’ve been boating all your life. Contact us online to start working with us.