Posted on February 10, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

The investment you’ve made into your boat and your boat lift mean you take boating seriously and understand the work that goes into the fun. Taking care of your boat and maintaining your boat lift help ensure they last as long as possible and remain as trouble-free as possible.

Since you have chosen – or are about to choose – a HydroHoist boat lift, maintenance is virtually built into ownership. Just to make sure you get maximum enjoyment out of your easy-to-use boat lift, we’re providing you with these tips for ease of use and optimal fun. Maintain your boat lift and it will last. There are HydroHoist Boat Lifts that are 30 and 40 years old still in operation today.

Ensuring your boat lift is well-maintained is as vital as maintaining your boat itself. Regular inspections and care not only keep the lift running smoothly but also significantly prolong its service life. According to Asmara & Yudo, consistent maintenance of boat lifts is essential for both operational efficiency and extending the equipment's longevity. This approach prevents minor issues from becoming major disruptions, thus ensuring the reliable and safe operation of your boat lift. In the upcoming sections, we'll delve into specific maintenance strategies to help you maintain your boat lift in peak condition, enhancing its performance and durability. (Asmara & Yudo, 2020)

Simple Maintenance Tips For UltraLift Boat Lifts

The UltraLift boat lift has polyethylene tanks designed for high impact resistance and low-water damage. With incredible flexibility and all steel parts above the water, it’s a breeze to use and maintain. Make routine checks a normal part of maintaining your boat lift with these tips:

  • Always stay within your boat lift’s weight limits
  • Weigh your boat when it is fully loaded (its true weight)
  • Always use correct length hoses and catch chains

You should also regularly inspect your hoses and cables to make sure every component of your boat lift is in tip-top shape. Taking care of your boat lift takes care of your boat and helps you enjoy boating season with the ease of push-button control features.

Simple Maintenance Tips For Pontoon/Tritoon Boat Lifts

Designed for simple operation and one-touch use, our boat lift lets you enjoy your boat more frequently. Simply familiarize yourself with the push-button control panel, our easy-to-follow tutorials on YouTube, and keep these simple care instructions in mind:

  • Always use guide ropes to ensure your boat is properly positioned
  • Ensure the boat is people-free during lift or launch operations
  • Always raise the hoist when not in use for prolonged periods
  • Your hoist is equipped to withstand stormy weather when raised

Proper maintenance and best practices help ensure your investment in a boat lift lasts as long as possible. These simple instructions and regular inspections should make maintaining your boat lift easy and effortless.

Simple Maintenance Tips For Wake/Surf Boat Lifts

Help your wakeboard boats, ski boats, and surf boats perform at their best by protecting them with an easy-to-care-for boat lift. Stick to these tried and true tips to make caring for your boat lift easier than you ever thought it could be:

  • Ensure proper positioning of your tow boat with guide ropes
  • Avoid exerting excessive push back while the hoist is lifting
  • Do not grease the hoist, as no lubrication is required for use
  • Do not secure any part of your boat, accessories, or cover to the lift.

Boat ownership should be hassle-free and maintaining your boat lift can be even easier. Follow these easy maintenance tips to get years of enjoyment and trouble-free service from your boat lift.

Simple Maintenance Tips For Front Mount Boat Lifts

Our incredible range of boat lifts includes the Front Mount which was specially designed for oddly shaped slips or docks. Follow these simple use instructions and troubleshooting tips to make maintaining your boat lift a cinch:

  • Load boat carefully to ensure the proper weight for your lift
  • Be careful to position your boat to balance weight over the hoist
  • Ensure there are no kinks, twists, or water-lock in hoses or cables
  • Ensure all valves, tanks, and hoses are free of leaks and tears

With a boat lift that’s this easy to maintain, you’ll enjoy years of use from your purchase. You’ll also enjoy more time on your boat with water-loving friends and family.

Simple Maintenance Tips For HydroPort Series PWC Docks

Like every boat lift we design, the HydroPort series jet ski dock is low maintenance, supremely durable, and long-wearing. Not only will it make your personal watercraft or WaveRunner easier to use, but it’ll also make your PWC as easy to maintain as your lift. Here are a few simple tips to help make caring for your SeaDoo platform easy:

  • Inspect your PWC lift and rope moorings periodically to ensure peak performance
  • Check mounting system from platform to docks to ensure screws are tight

Our installation team will go over all safety and warning labels with you to ensure maintenance is easily understood and to make sure maintaining your boat lift and PWC lift is minimal and straightforward.

Simple Maintenance Tips For HarborHoist Boat Lift

Perfect for saltwater, the HarborHoist is a level-lifting frame designed for ultimate flexibility. By following a few simple care instructions, you can ensure maintaining your boat lift is always as simple as possible.

  • Verify that your power receptacle is clean and is supplying the correct amps
  • Stay put and keep a watchful eye while your lift in raising or lowering your boat
  • Make a point of ensuring any ballast tanks are empty prior to lifting the boat
  • Ensure boat weight is evenly distributed side-to-side and bow-to0stern prior to lifting

One of the best boat lift maintenance tips we can provide is to always ensure your boat lift is installed and serviced exclusively by a qualified service professional – and that is us and our HydroHoist Dealers! There is a reason we are the market originator and industry innovator – because we put quality, durability, and expertise into every lift we build and install.

Our years of experience cannot be beaten. With proper maintenance and attention to detail, maintaining your boat lift is easier than you think because when we say low maintenance, we mean it. Follow these few, simple tips and feel free to contact our customer care team with any questions. We are always here to serve. How can we help you today?



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