Posted on September 29, 2020

How to Find the Best Boat Lift for Your Type and Size of Boat

The Best HydroHoist Boat Lift For Your Type and Size of Boat

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Making the decision to invest in a boat lift means you know the importance of protecting your investment with a lift that has the added benefit of making boat ownership and use easier. The type and size of your watercraft help determine the best boat lift for your boat. Since 1964, our company has pioneered the boating industry with lifts and other accessories that take a lot of the work or heavy lifting out of boating.

As an industry leader in boating, boat lifts, and their ever-evolving technology, HydroHoist is sure to offer the best boat lift for your boat. When you are ready to choose a boat lift, start by assessing the weight of your boat when it is fully loaded. Next, browse our website to determine your preferred features, then contact our sales team. To help you get started, here are five popular boat styles and the HydroHoist boat lifts that can make owning them easier.

Wake/Surf Boat/ Ski Boat

Our HydroHoist UltraLift Series is the best boat lift for your boat if you’re the proud owner of a wake boat or surf boat. One of your primary goals as a wake, surf boat, or ski boat owner is to protect your boat’s hull, and the HydroHoist UltraLift Series helps you do exactly that with ease. The HydroHoist UltraLift Series protects your hull by lifting it out of the water and makes it easy to inspect and clean your boat of growing marine life. It helps boat owners guard against:

  • Marine life infestation
  • Marine buildup
  • Unsightly corrosion

It is an affordable boat lift option for wake, surf boats, or ski boats weighing up to 12,000 pounds. Built with quality and pride of ownership in mind, its body is precision-designed, custom-molded, and features high-impact polyethylene tanks. With all-steel construction above the water, the HydroHoist UltraLift Series is built to last.


Even its name gives away the perfect fit between your Pontoon or Tritoon boat and our HydroHoist

UltraLift Pontoon/Tritoon Boat Lift. Among the most popular boats on the water, Pontoon and Tritoon Boats are the watercraft of choice for boat owners who want to be on the waters within minutes of arriving at their boat. Your boat storage is fast and easy, plus your boat is protected from water damage, vandalism, and thievery. Its features include:

  • Inhibited marine growth
  • Easy to clean pontoons
  • Avoid hitting the dock
  • Control water osmosis in your hull
  • Maintain a higher resale value

Rid yourself of the ongoing worry about rust, corrosion, and the dangerous marine elements that could shorten the lifecycle of your boat. Able to lift and lower Pontoon and Tritoon boats of up to 32,000 pounds, the HydroHoist boat lifts for pontoon boats is the ideal choice for you.

 Center Console Boat

If your favorite boat is one with a large center console boat, we have a boat lift built just for you. Our HydroHoist HarborHoist is a versatile, free-floating model that can let you enjoy the same ease of lift as other boat owners. With the HydroHoist HarborHoist models, you can easily lift a center console boat up to 25,000 pounds and enjoy features like:

  • Available in Light, Medium, and Heavy models
  • Protection from corrosion, scum, and barnacles
  • Sturdily built of marine grade aluminum material

You will love the ease of getting in and out of the water and uninterrupted walkways that run the full length of the boat lift to help ensure user safety. You also get simple, push button control, adjustable hull pads, and fast and easy loading and unloading of passengers.

Fishing Boat

Our HydroHoist UltraLift Front Mount is an ideal choice for your fishing boat. Designed with the specific needs of fishermen in mind, it easily lifts fishing boats and skiffs between 4,400 and 6,600 pounds. It also boasts a convenient, accessible place to wet your fishing line and other incredible features that include:

  • Ultra-tough, polyethylene tanks
  • Hot-dip zinc-galvanized structural steel frame
  • Heavy-duty dock brackets
  • Adjustable hull support
  • Marine-grade fasteners

The best boat lift for your boat, the HydroHoist UltraLift Front Mount model offers immediate access to the water so you can cast your line much faster. It gives you the ease of low maintenance with a hull that can be quickly sprayed off and wiped down to keep your boat looking good for years. It also stops marine growth from accumulating on outdrives and helps protect your boat from water osmosis.

The best boat lift for your boat is a HydroHoist. Your only decision is choosing the right model for your boat type and size. When you are ready to protect the investment you made in your boat and invest in a boat lift that lets you raise and lower your boat into and out of the water with ease, our customer service team is here to help.

By keeping exceptional innovation and superior engineering at the forefront of our business, we make enjoying the boat you and your family invested in as simple as the push of a button. Contact us to get started on the selection, purchase, and installation of your boat lift today – because no matter what type of boat or watercraft you own, the best lift you can own is one of ours.