Posted on August 18, 2022

An Overview of Different Types of Boat Lifts: Which is Right for You?

Shallow Water Lifts vs. a Standard UltraLift

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

A boat lift needs to safely lift your watercraft out of the water without breaking down over time, but all types of boat lifts need a certain amount of water to function properly. Some boat owners are limited in terms of where they can install a lift based on the water level and the height of the dock and awning roof. If you live in or near shallow waters, you need to use a shallow water lift to raise your boat to the proper height. Learn more about shallow water lifts and how they differ from the standard UltraLift from HydroHoist.

Standard UltraLift

The standard UltraLift has become the new standard for boat lifts across North America. It uses a series of polyethylene tanks that flex when stressed before returning to their original position, while the stainless-steel components are kept above water to prevent corrosion and rust. The tanks are extremely resistant to impact and low-water damage to keep your lift safe for years. Just press the button to raise or lower your boat to get in and out of the water quickly. 

Shallow Water Lifts

The UltraLift shallow water boat lift is designed for waterways with less than four feet of water. This enables the lift to submerge enough for the boat to launch in about 12 inches less than the standard UltraLift. For example, the 5,000-pound shallow water floating boat lift can operate in as little as 24 inches of water, which is perfect for bass fishing boats.

The shallow lift has a shorter profile than the standard lift, making it ideal for low docks and awning roofs.

The shallow water lift comes with all the features and benefits of the standard lift to prevent low water damage, corrosion, and impact, including our signature polyethylene tanks and the convenient button control for operating the lift. 

Choosing Between the Two

These represent two of the best pneumonic boat lifts on the market today, but the shallow water lift is better suited for low water levels. You need to choose the right type of lift based on the water levels in your area. Check the height of the water at high and low tide to find out which one is right for you. 

HydroHoist is known for making the industry’s lowest operating pneumatic lift systems. Both PWC lifts come in a range of make and models depending on the size and weight of your boat. 

Contact us today to find a boat lift near you and to learn more about installing a boat lift on your property.


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