Posted on July 13, 2023

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Jet Ski Boat Lift

Jet Ski Boat Lift: Top Benefits of Jet Ski Boat Lifts

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Similar to larger boats, your jet ski will benefit from being lifted out of the water. A PWC jet ski lift protects your personal watercraft from numerous common waterfront hazards while also making the care and maintenance of your investment easier and more fun.

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Jet Ski Boat Lift

We can sum up the benefits of adding a jet ski floating dock to your waterfront system in five short points:

  • Protection from water absorption
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Convenient access to your jet ski and the water
  • Stable boarding and disembarking
  • Security against fluctuating water levels

You might still have some questions, especially regarding the specific details of those points. At HydroHoist, we receive many questions about our jet ski boat lifts, and we’re ready to answer the questions below.

What is a jet ski boat lift?

A jet ski boat lift is designed specifically for personal watercraft, including Jet Skis, Waverunners, Sea-Doos, and similar watercraft. If you already have a boat lift system or have seen one in action before, a jet ski boat lift functions similarly but is smaller to accommodate the size of a typical PWC.

How does a jet ski boat lift work?

A jet ski boat lift attaches either to the perimeter of your dock system or directly to your shore or seawall with the appropriate hardware. While the particulars of how individual jet ski boat lifts work depend on the brand and model, all jet ski boat lifts serve the same purpose on the waterfront: providing your jet ski a place to rest when it’s not in use. 

Jet ski boat lifts can work like vertical or hydraulic boat lifts and lift the jet ski out of the water, or they can be drive-on ports with rollers that let a rider dock their jet ski with a gentle flick of the throttle. HydroHoist makes vertical and hydraulic boat lifts, as well as drive up jet ski lifts, to accommodate nearly any waterfront, watercraft, and individual boater’s needs.

What are the benefits of using a jet ski boat lift?

The benefits of using a jet ski boat lift are similar to what you would get from using a vertical or hydraulic boat lift to protect your boat. Despite being designed for a fun time on the water, your jet ski shouldn’t be kept in the water full-time. Keeping your jet ski lifted out of the water protects it from the damage it can sustain while in the water. It also is more convenient and safer for you and your other passengers. 

Storing your jet ski directly on the water, instead of on a trailer, eliminates the need to constantly trailer and haul your jet ski to a public ramp whenever you want to take it out onto the water. A docking platform also provides steadier and more secure footing when boarding your jet ski, which keeps you safe and allows you to truly enjoy your time on your jet ski.

How does a jet ski boat lift protect my watercraft?

The water poses various hazards for watercraft, including jet skis. Leaving a fiberglass hull in the water for too long can lead to water absorption, resulting in unsightly blisters and other damage and performance issues. Keeping your jet ski boat lift out of the water allows it to dry off, makes it easier for you to clean it, and allows you to perform routine maintenance, which is better for the health of your jet ski overall. 

A jet ski boat lift protects your watercraft and safeguards it from getting jostled by fluctuating water levels and rough conditions. Factors such as storms, changing water levels, and wakes from other boats can disrupt the water around your boat dock, potentially causing damage to your PWC if it is not securely lifted and protected. Keeping your jet ski out of the water ensures it doesn’t get rammed into debris, your dock, or other watercraft. This prevents damage and more expensive repairs in the future.

What size of jet ski boat lift do I need for my watercraft?

It might seem obvious, but the PWC floating dock size you need depends on the watercraft you own or plan to purchase. Like boat docks, jet ski boat lifts and docking platforms are designed with a specific weight capacity. It is important to adhere to this weight limit and avoid using them to lift anything heavier than their recommended capacity. Forcing your lift to hoist more than it can handle could cause an expensive disaster. 

Look at your PWC’s spec sheet for its dry weight, then consider the weight of what you plan to bring on board. Allowing for a 20% margin of error gives you the approximate minimum weight capacity. If you don’t trust your math or want expert confirmation, your HydroHoist dealer can help you determine the proper jet ski boat lift capacity you need.


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