Posted on July 28, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Do you think lifts and platforms are only for boats? Think, again. If you own a personal watercraft (PWC) like a jet ski, a lift or docking station might be just what you need to enhance its enjoyment. It adds three important benefits to PWC ownership – protection, security, and convenience. Here’s how:

  • Protection: When your jet ski is in dry dock, its hull and paint job are safe from corrosion, which adds to its current visual appeal and to its future resale value.
  • Security: When you access your PWC from one of our docking platforms, you get improved stability for you and your guests with our anti-skid walkways.
  • Convenience: When your PWC is easier to launch into the water and easier to remove, it means you can enjoy being on the water without trailering or bulky boat ramps.

Enjoy the beauty of the summer and the freedom you experience on the water with one of our docking stations. While installing one means you make accessing and enjoying your PWC much easier, we recommend letting our team handle the installation for you. Our professional, experienced, certified installers know what they’re doing. In fact, we believe that assembly, installation, or repairs of a HydroHoist PWC docking stations should only be performed by an authorized HydroHoist technician, as stated in our manuals.

Let Our Certified Professionals Install Your PWC Docking Platform

Blue Seadoo on platform

If you’re investigating the purchase of a PWC docking station, you know how much easier and more enjoyable it can make SeaDoo ownership. When you’re ready to make your purchase, you simply can’t do better than a HydroHoist, and just like you trust our PWC innovation and tech knowledge, you can also trust our installation team to get your docking station up and running in no time.

We encourage you to let our team handle installation because you get more than a sturdy, dependable install when you do. You also get the invaluable peace of mind that comes with knowing your installation is correct and that your docking station is secure. When our team takes care of installation, you can rest assured that:

  • Your docking platform is optimally aligned and positioned
  • Mooring plugs and brackets are correctly positioned
  • All holes are correctly drilled into the dock face
  • The mooring link is secured in its natural floating position
  • All brackets are appropriately attached to the dock
  • All required bolts are securely inserted and tightened
  • All connecting links are well-fitting tight, and snug

We bring our comprehensive tools to every installation to ensure we have everything we need to complete your installation from start to finish. We also explain how simple your docking platform is to use and make sure you are up to speed and ready to go before we leave. Our installation goal is to make sure you and the people you share your PWC with can enjoy the thrill of the water without the hassle, stress, and inconvenience of manually launching and loading your PWC with every use.

Look For These Features In Your PWC Docking Platform

Jet Skis on Marina on Ports

In addition to easy, quick, convenient access to the water, a HydroHoist docking station means you also reap a variety of valuable features and benefits. Our preeminent company is a known leader in our industry because we make sure our docking platforms include these important features:

  • Exclusive-to-us bow bumper
  • Comfortable soft rest for the keel
  • Widest available anti-skid walkways
  • Protection against harmful intake fowling
  • Defense from damaging marine growth
  • Shielding from the potential harm of rough water

Our tapered entry comes with rollers that help guide you when it’s time to center your PWC. You’ll appreciate the ease and stability of accessing your PWC and how easy it is to cover it and keep it clean between uses. Whether you choose a fixed or floating model, we offer three different docking station HydroPort models – Epic, Extreme, and Pro.

Each model offers universal features like polyethylene construction, in-line rollers, molded-in tie-down, marine foam-filling(*Extreme model), full roller-support, and “air pillow” bow stops. Investing in a docking station for your PWC means you and your friends and family will spend less time getting ready for the water and spend more time on it.

Why You Should Invest In A PWC Docking Platform

gray pwc on platform

When choosing your docking platform, you should consider a number of important factors. Let our installation team know the make, model, and size of your PWC, its weight, your dock type (fixed or floating), and your off-season storage needs. Depending on the model you choose, your docking platform can support PWCs weighing up to 2,000 pounds. You also get:

  • Ultra-tough polyethylene construction
  • In-line rollers for simplified launching
  • Front or side mount to fit your specific dock
  • Your choice of complimenting colors (tan or blue)

It goes without saying that you get the robust durability, dependability, and resilience HydroHoist builds into every product we make. Our installation team also leaves you with full instructions and an easy-to-understand instruction booklet. HydroHoist also has video instructions to help you load your PWC to the platform here. Our docking stations can be configured for your specifications and to uniquely fit your dock. In other words, you get to enjoy your PWC while our team makes it a cinch to do so.

Watch this short video about our PWC platforms

Contact Our Team For The Best Value, Durability, and Installation

Our team includes more highly trained and skilled installers. We also have an unbeatable sales team that can help you choose the right docking station for your personal watercraft. Whether you choose the HP Epic, HP Extreme, or HP Pro HydroPort, you get speedy, easily accessible entry into and out of the water. Ready to enhance your investment in your PWC? We are here to help you do just that with the same state-of-the-art technology we bring to every product we produce and sell.

Start by learning more about the features and benefits of each model by browsing our website. Our sales and installation teams will also help you understand our information guides and owner’s manuals and share tips and techniques from years of experience. At HydroHoist, we guarantee every PWC dock lift we sell. We also pride ourselves on creating exemplary customer service from the date of purchase to installation and beyond.