Posted on July 28, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

For over 52 years HydroHoist has been the market originator and industry innovator for boat lifts. With the popularity of personal watercraft, the HydroHoist engineering team has developed the HydroPort Series for this growing segment in the recreational boating industry. The unique and innovative docking platforms are designed to maintain your personal watercraft neatly and securely while not in use. They also provide for stable access, easy cleaning, fast covering, and deter intake fowling associated with marine growth – and protect your personal watercraft against rough waters.

HydroHoist offers two docking platforms – the HP Pro and the newest version the HP Extreme.

HydroPort’s simple, yet intelligent design is a superior solution to trailers and dry storage, creating the easiest docking and launching in the industry. Distinctive features to both ports include exclusive dual in-line rollers, universal hull support, a patented “air pillow” bow bumper that provides a soft rest for the keel, and the ability to front or side mount for both fixed and floating docks.

The HP Extreme is the easiest load and launch of any personal watercraft docking platform on the market. Your personal watercraft will be fully roller-supported utilizing high-performance rollers, adjustable to any craft. The platform is made from ultra-tough polyethylene plastic and is foam filled with EPS marine foam – for increased strength and leak elimination.

Docking your personal watercraft is as easy as driving on to dock and rolling off to launch. The HydroPort will keep your personal watercraft looking good and running great. Provide your personal watercraft the best home possible with an HP Pro or HP Extreme from the market leader – HydroHoist.