Posted on February 3, 2022

How to Drive Your Boat Onto a Boat Lift

How to Drive Your Boat Onto a HydroHoist Boat Lift

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

A boat lift is a key to keeping watercraft of all shapes and sizes safe on the water. Keeping your boat out of the water prevents it from suffering damage that impacts its cosmetics, performance, and value. Luckily for you, HydroHoist boat lifts are some of the highest quality and most convenient options on the market. Our lifts combine dry docking security with the convenience of in-water storage, making them a great choice for anyone looking for a highly protective and convenient option.

Whether you’re loading a boat or a personal watercraft, and no matter what kind of water you’re loading from, the steps that you take to load your watercraft onto a boat lift or port are essentially the same. It’s also a straightforward process; it just requires you to be careful, which is always a good idea for anything involving your boat. Here are the two simple steps and other tips for safely driving up onto your HydroHoist port or boat lift.


Slowly Approach

Align your watercraft with the HydroHoist boat lift and make sure that you approach slowly—idling speed is a must, and you should be nearly stopped before making contact with the lift. Every boat model will have a different idle speed, so keep that in mind as you approach and make sure you have a good feel for your boat. Once the nose of your craft makes contact with the boat lift, it’s time to load it.

Accelerate Slightly

You shouldn’t be moving too much faster than idling speed—just like you can’t approach too quickly, you shouldn’t load your boat onto your boat lift too fast, either. Accelerate just enough to power your boat onto the boat lift. If you move too quickly, you can damage your boat, lift, or dock by hitting the platform. Using guideposts and bumpers can help you load your boat and protect your dock and the lift itself. Once you’re properly and carefully in position, you can lift your boat out of the water with no worries until the next time you head out. Follow the same process when loading onto a PWC boat lift.

HydroHoist Boat Lifts and Ports

HydroHoist is a market leader in innovating and engineering protection for boats, personal watercraft, and docks alike. Our products are high quality, and our team is full of talented and experienced marine industry professionals who have the passion and ability to design, assemble, and install products in all kinds of water for all types of crafts. We can even customize a lift to your boat if you can’t find one that fits it perfectly, with no special fees or engineering charges. For more detailed directions on any of our products and boat lift accessories, we have plenty of resources available on our website, including videos, a photo gallery, and manuals for our products. If you’re ready to find a new boat lift, port, parts, or accessories, or have other questions, use our online contact form to get in touch with HydroHoist or one of over 600 dealers in our worldwide network.