Posted on January 20, 2022


How do HydroHoist lifts work?

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Time on the water with your boat is wonderful, and we’d all stay out forever if we could. However, we have to come to shore and eventually return to the real world, which means keeping our boats safe for the next time. A quality boat lift is the best solution for keeping your boat out of the water when you’re not using it. While your boat is designed to be in the water, it’s not designed to stay there indefinitely and can suffer from damage that can lead to unsightly degradation as well as reduced performance and value in the long run. A boat lift will keep your watercraft on the water without actually being in it, making it a much more efficient storage system than a trailer and saving time during boating season. While lifted out of the water, your boat also won’t get bounced against the dock by wind or waves, which further protects it.

HydroHoist boat lifts are sure to keep your boat safe, clean, and protected from water hazards. We engineer not only boat lifts but also floats and dock accessories, all specially designed for maximum safety for your watercraft and dock.

HydroHoist dock with boat


Only the Best Materials and Construction

The air tanks of our floats are made of polyethylene, which makes them highly resistant to impacts and low-water damage that might happen on your shoreline. They can even return to their original shape after stress because of their ability to flex! Our docking platforms are just as durable, which means that you can feel secure while boarding your boat as well as comfortable knowing your boat is safe. HydroHoist boat lifts are also designed to withstand brackish and saltwater, making them ideal for tidal situations, between the aluminum frames, marine-grade polyethylene tanks, and stainless steel components above the water.

Customizable for Your Slip Size and Watercraft

We have multiple boat lift models for many boat models, bodies of water, dock style, and slip size. As long as you know what you’re working with or even what your neighbors use, we can help you find the boat lift model that will keep your boat as safe as possible. Every HydroHoist lift is customized to your boat, and we’ve already configured lifts for many different types of boats, which means no special fees or engineering charges for you.

HydroHoist offers three different lift types: HarborHoist for tidal waters and the UltraLift and Economy E-Series, usually for U-shaped hulls and freshwater. All three types will cover most boats and marina locations, and we can find one that fits your needs. All of the lifts will work with fixed or floating docks. They’re compatible with U-shaped slips, double-wide slips, L-shaped docks, and square docks.

Powered Convenience

Every boat lift HydroHoist operates in the same way. The sturdy polyethylene tanks are flooded, allowing them to sink the hoist below the boat and for the boater to drive off. When it’s time to lift your boat out of the water, you simply drive over the submerged lift, push a button to pump air into the tanks, and remove the water; doing so will raise the lift as well as the boat. All HydroHoist boat lifts come with standard push-button control. This lets you efficiently operate your boat lift with the touch of a button rather than cranking a handle, which leaves you with more time and energy to have fun on the water.

Accessories and Add-Ons

Outfit your setup with boat lift accessories and parts. These add-ons will help you protect your boat or dock and are a great idea if you’re expanding or renovating your waterfront system. Easily add bow guides, corner bumpers, HydroGuards, centering guides, plank kits, or HydroLockers to modify your HydroHoist system to offer maximum protection for your boat. Our HydroPort drydocks will be right at home alongside your boat lift for a complete waterfront if you have a personal watercraft.

HydroHoist Boat Lifts

HydroHoist has been a market leader, innovator, and engineer since 1964. We provide protection for boats, watercraft, and docks—and we have won national awards for it. We also offer a warranty as proof of our quality, ease of use, and durability. HydroHoist is in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, the Ozarks, and California, but our dealers can be found in the U.S. and internationally. To get in touch with our dealers or us, whether you need a new boat lift or replacement parts or accessories, use our online contact form