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Jet skiing is a recreational sport with many benefits of its own. Riding a waverunner allows its participants to enjoy the warm weather, the excitement of jumping wake, and the ease of getting from point A to point B as water transportation. Many personal watercraft riders love being out on the water enjoying nature while relieving stress and anxiety. If your waverunner can give you that much pleasure, the benefits of a jet ski lift only add to the enjoyment. When you invest in a lift for your jet ski or PWC, you might as well invest in the best jet ski hoist around that combines the features and benefits of a jet ski lift with the affordability, consumer trust, and reliability only HydroHoist can offer.



Designed to load and launch your JetSki quickly. With the HP EPIC dry dock platform, you can be on the water within seconds of pushing your WaveRunner off the lift. Your SeaDoo will roll gently back off the lift and within seconds you can be jumping wake or cruising across the water to your next destination. When it is time to store your PWC, simply align the nose of the vessel with the entry of the port and flick the throttle. Your personal watercraft will glide across the rollers to and rest its keel on the bow stop. Secure your PWC to the dock or piling and enjoy peace of mind knowing your jet ski is protected.

Blue HydroPort Epic - Body
WaveRunner on HydroPort



For years, the HP Extreme has been the PWC docking platform of choice for jet ski users. Walk out to your dock and push your SeaDoo off the high performance rollers it is resting on and be out on the water within seconds. Designed to connect seamlessly to other HP Extremes, you can grow your port fleet and enjoy more than one dry docking platform on your dock. When you are ready to dry dock your WaveRunner, enter the port with little effort and glide up onto the port effortlessly.



HydroPort Epic

HydroPort Extreme


2,000 lbs

907.18 kg

1,625 lbs

737.08 kg






 Width  70"

1.77 m 



 445 lbs

201.85 kg

 390 lbs

176.90 kg

Roller Supports

12 rollers

14 rollers
Anti-Skid Walk Surface
Yes Yes
Bow Stop
Yes Yes
Foam Filled Yes Yes
Available Colors Gray, Tan, Blue Gray, Tan, Blue

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