Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common Boatlift questions. If you don’t find what you need, or require more detail, please Contact Us.

Operating Your Boat Lift

What size lift do I have? How can I tell what size the lift is?

We can help you determine what size lift you have but will need to know the diameter or width/height and length of your tanks and how many tanks you have (you can also email us a photo).

My lift won’t go down.

Verify that there are no obstructions keeping the lift from submerging. Also, check to make sure the hose is not kinked and trapping the air in the hose. Lastly, if this is the first time you are using it after a long period of time the unit may be air locked. Place your valve handle(s) in the lift/launch position and turn on your blower to purge the hose and tanks. You may also need to raise the hose up out of the water to get any water that may be trapped not allowing the air to release (it’s good to cycle the lift a couple times if this is the case to get the hose cleared).

I have a wide slip, is there any way for the boat to be lifted to one side?

Yes, we can customize the installation to offset the boat to one side of the slip.

Can my lift sit on the ground with the boat on it?

In most cases, if the lift has to sit on the ground because of lack of water, your boat will be fine for the short term. If the bottom is extremely unlevel or rocky you should remove the boat before this condition occurs.

How much air-pressure is in the tanks when the lift is fully raised?

1-3 psi is in each tank when full of air.

Is there an assembly manual for my lift?

Under the “Products” tab for this site click on “Manuals” in the Product Info column to locate your particular lift.

What is the average time for my lift to raise/lower?

Our exclusive 1 ¼” hose allows for HydroHoist Boat Lifts to raise and lower faster than any other hydro-pneumatic boat lift on the market. For lifts 8800# and under, generally less than 4 minutes. If your lift is fully raised without the boat on it, the lowering time will be substantially increased.

What size of generator is required to power the lift?

Lifts 9000 lb. capacity or less have a single blower control and are operated with a 2000-watt generator. Lifts with greater capacity have two blowers and will require a minimum of a 3000-watt generator.

A 1800-watt generator is recommended for elevations below 1000 ft relative to sea level for a standard one motor control. The motor requires 1427 Watts @ 12.5 amps for standard controls with a max open wattage of 1659 watts. For high performance controls the values are 1555 Watts @ 13.9 Amps with a max open wattage of 1795. Contact your Generator Supplier for information concerning rating specifications for environmental considerations such as high elevation, temperature considerations, etc. The controls are designed for 110 A/C residential circuit. Alternative power sources are possible however the owner assumes all responsibility for additional cost of equipment and insuring that the alternative power source is sufficient to power the unit.

My lift is leaking down a few inches over a couple weeks period. Is there anything I can do?

Yes, check your hose connections and tighten if needed. Test the valve to make sure you are still getting an airtight seal (use soap and water on any connections or even the tank if needed to look for possible leaks).

After I lower my lift, it pops up as I remove the boat. What is wrong?

Your lift is most likely air-locking due to a “stern-up” condition. Contact your nearest HydroHoist dealer for assistance.

Changing lifts, Slips, or Boats

How can the lift be hauled? What type of trailer should we use?

Lifts can be removed from the water preferably using a flatbed trailer.

I bought a new boat, is there anything I need to do to my lift?

Schedule a service call to check the pads, reset guide ropes and confirm the position of the lift is correct for the new boat.

Will my current HydroHoist lift my new boat?

First, we must determine your current lift capacity. Then check the new boat information for weight specifications.

Can my lift be installed in a wider/narrower slip?

Many times, we can customize and adjust lifts to fit a wider/narrower slip. However, this is a job that should only be performed by a qualified boat lift installer. Some new parts may be required.

Will new HydroHoist tanks fit on my older lift?

Yes, in most cases; however, it will depend on the model and capacity of lift you have and that your old lift is a HydroHoist lift model.

What parts are needed to convert my lift from a V hull to a pontoon or TriToon?

This will depend on how your lift is currently configured; you can add hull pads to your lift to accommodate both pontoon and TriToon boats.

Can I put my bass boat on my pontoon lift?

Yes, we can add a hull pad kit and customize your lift for both. Contact your local HH dealer.

I bought a bigger boat. Is it possible to add a tank to my lift?

Yes, in most cases but this will depend on the lift model and the current capacity of the lift.

I have always pulled my boat into the slip, is it okay to start backing in and lifting the boat?

No, the lift must be set up as a back-in with deeper draft so the outdrives can pass safely over the lift. The same rule applies to a lift that is installed as a back in. The lift is setup as either a back in or pull in and the boat position cannot be reversed without modifying the lift.

Can I put a boat and a PWC together on one lift?

If your boat slip has sufficient width, your new HydroHoist boat lift can be set-up to accommodate both a boat and 1-2 PWC’s. Weights for all of the watercraft to be stored must be taken into account.

Control Systems

Do you have a retrofit kit to make my control a remote?

No; however, if you have a one valve one motor control unit you can upgrade to a new complete remote control unit called the HydroLaunch.

My control box is tripping the power when in use. What is wrong?

Your control box motor(s) may need to be replaced. This problem could also be related to the GFCI’s on the box and/or outlet. Contact an authorized HydroHoist dealer for more information.

Do I need to unplug my control box when the lift is not being used?

While it is not necessary to do so, unplugging your lift when not being used for extended periods of time, could prevent a “lightening-strike” power surge that could damage the control box GFCI. * If your hoist is equipped with a HydroLaunch remote control unit, disconnecting the power supply will disable the monitor mode.

Do the control box valves need to be closed when the lift is down?

Yes, this will keep water from backing up into the manifold and eliminate water from getting to the motor or spilling onto the dock.

My control box has a “Rapid Launch” feature; what is that?

This feature is available on most multi-valve HydroHoist lifts. It allows for a larger volume of air to be displaced from the tanks at a higher rate of speed. Periodically, with the lift in the “up” position, pull up on the “Rapid Launch” handle and turn the motor(s) on for 5-10 seconds with the valves closed. This will remove any moisture trapped in the manifold that could shorten the life of the motor(s). If your control unit is equipped with a “Rapid Launch” you should use this feature each time that the lift is lowered.

The motor(s) in my control box are louder than normal; do they need to be replaced?

If the motor(s) make a metallic sound while in operation, it more than likely needs to be replaced. Contact an authorized HydroHoist Dealer for more information and to schedule a service call.

Is there a proper sequence to operate the valves on a three-valve control box?

When operating a three-valve control, the left valve handle and the right valve handle should always be turned simultaneously. The center valve handle is then opened/closed. This should be done when both raising and lowering. Doing so should help reduce the need to “feather” the outside valves to overcome an un-level condition.

Warranty / Replacement Parts / Accessories

What is covered under the warranty?

On this site, under the “Product Info” tab is a copy of the warranty for the product you have purchased.

What accessories/options are available with my new HydroHoist?

There are many accessories available through HydroHoist for your new boatlift as well as your dock. On this site, under the “Products” tab, click on “Accessories” to see all that HydroHoist has available to make your boating experience more pleasurable.

How do I register my new HydroHoist boat lift purchase?

Select the “Products” tab on this site and then click on “Register Your Product”. At the bottom of the page use the Click here feature to start the registration process. You will need your paid invoice to provide the necessary information.

How can I tell what replacement motor I need?

If the lift is a pull in: Standard Motor

If the lift is a Back in: HP Motor

How can I tell what tank band I need on any lift?

The standard tank bands for the older style lifts with fiberglass tanks were either 24″, 30″ or 32″ in diameter. You should be able to measure your tank diameter and confirm what size tank bands you need.

Used / Rent / Trade-in

Is there anything I need to know before buying a used HydroHoist?

You will need to verify that the lift model will work for your dock application. Also, verify that the capacity of the lift is adequate for your boat.

Do you rent boat lifts?

No, however some of our Dealers offer financing for lifts (please contact your dealer for more information).

What is my lift worth or how much is a lift worth I found on Craigslist.

Pricing will vary depending on the age and overall condition of the lift; however, typically a used HydroHoist lift will be about 75% to 85% of the cost of a new lift on a comparable model and capacity.

I need a bigger lift, do you take trade ins?

Yes, call your local HH dealer to inspect your lift.