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Dealer Spotlight – Joe Harwood, Arrowhead Yacht Club & Boat Sales

Dealer Spotlight    

Joe Harwood, Arrowhead Yacht Club & Boat Sales

Grand Lake, Oklahoma

Joe got his start in the marine industry when he began working at Bomar’s Marina (a HydroHoist dealer on Grand Lake) as a summer job in 1968, while a student at Kansas State University.

He knew Henry Rutter, the founder and inventor of HydroHoist, who owned Hi-Lift Marina on Grand Lake, where Joe kept his boat stored. After college graduation in 1972, Joe returned to Grand Lake and went to work full time at Bomar’s.  He spent five years there and then entered into a partnership with Arrowhead and “put them into the boat sales business”.  

Joe said, “Of course we sold HydroHoist and it’s the only lift I have ever sold.  HydroHoist and all of the owners and staff have always treated us like part of the family.  The product is great and they stand behind it and have for the nearly 50 years I have worked with them.”

Joe mentioned that he always hated painting fiberglass boats and that “they are just never the same once you paint them”.  He stated that they lose performance, gain weight, are never clean and devalue just as soon as you paint them.

“Put your money into a HydroHoist, not paint.  The boats stay fresh and new looking and keep a show room finish with little effort and occasional waxing.”

Joe’s Arrowhead operations have grown to 5 marinas on Grand Lake, plus a standalone sales and service operation on Beaver Lake, Arkansas.

“I have sure enjoyed my first 50 years with HydroHoist and am looking forward to the future.  It’s a great company that includes many of my friends,” Harwood said.