For all the boaters out there who have less than 4’ of water, we have designed these shallow water boat lifts for you with your challenging water depth applications. HydroHoist Boat Lifts has the lowest operating pneumatic lift system in the industry. HydroHoist was one of the first companies to design a durable polyethylene, shallow water boat lift tank. Ensuring every boater could have access to a HydroHoist boat lift, even if their dock or boat lift marina is located in shallow water. Our 5000 lb Shallow water floating boat lift can operate in as little as 24″ water, ideal for bass fishing boats. The lift features an all-hot-dipped galvanized frame, poly bushings in every moving part, optional non-friction composite bunks, and rotationally molded polyethylene tanks. 

  • 10 ft. slip minimum
  • Low profile molded polyethylene tanks
  • Adjustable tank placement
  • Two-piece stainless/polyethylene pitmen bushings
  • Grade-8 pivot hardware
  • Boats up to 28′ overall length
  • Inboard or stern drive
  • Floating Docks & U-Shaped Slips
  • Low Roof Clearance in Marinas & Docks


Model Capacity(lbs) Min. Water Depth(ft) Min. Slip Width(ft.) Max. Slip Width(ft.) Tank Options
5000 5,000 22″ + draft min. water depth 9′-9″ (9′-4″ with low profile dock brackets) 14 2 tank options
6000 6,000 22″ + draft min. water depth 9′-9″ (9′-4″ with low profile dock brackets) 14 2 tank options
7500 7,500 22″ + draft min. water depth 11′ (10′-7″ with low profile dock brackets) 14 2 + 1 aux. tank options
9000 9,000 22″ + draft min. water depth 13′-6″ (13′-1″ with low profile dock brackets) 14 3 tank options



What makes this boat lift a shallow water boat lift?

The tank width is the biggest difference between the shallow water boat lift and the traditional boat lift.


Do you have to use a shallow water boat lift only in shallow water?

Shallow water boat lifts can be used in both shallow and normal fluctuating water depths. Some boats with tall wake/surf towers in marinas need the low profile tank design to allow their boats to be hoisted without hitting the roof of the dock or marina.