Posted on July 28, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

If you own a boat, what do you prefer: boat trailers or boat lifts? Boat owners and boating enthusiasts have raved about the HydroHoist boat lift. For those who do not know, this boat lift is manufactured by HydroHoist, the largest and most well-known manufacturer of hydro-pneumatic boat lifts. Established in 1964, HydroHoist has been the leader in the industry consistently providing the best, most reliable saltwater and freshwater boat lifts.

So, why are boat lifts growing in popularity? How do they differ from the trailering option?

Ease of Use

Boat lifts, such as the HydroHoist hydropneumatic boat lift, are easier to use than traditional boat trailers. Instead of trailering a boat back and forth between the water and land, lifts allow owners to do just as the name suggests – lift their boats out of the water. Because of their ease of use, boat lifts are not merely something boat owners want to buy, they are something every boat owner has to buy. Simply put, boat lifts are the practical option for anyone trying to keep their boat dry, clean and protect without having to deal with the hassle of cumbersome trailers.


Protection and Security

Boat lifts offer a level of protection and security that simply are not offered with traditional trailers. When hooked up to a trailer, the boat remains exposed and vulnerable to seasonal weather changes that can harm the overall structure of the boat. With lifts, boats are dry docked in a secure manner that protects the hull from the wind, rough waves, marine growth, algae, and other elements that would otherwise harm the integrity, value, and performance of the boat. Additionally, boat lifts for use in saltwater are designed to withstand the harsh abuse of the ocean and protect boats from the harmful effects of saltwater on a boat.

In terms of security, boat lifts offer owners peace of mind knowing their boat will be safely dry docked until it is time to take it out on the water.


Boat lifts are more convenient than trailers. With the flip of a switch, a boat can be launched from the lift in a short period of time, most only take about three minutes to launch or dry-dock. The efficiency and user-friendly features included with HydroHoist boat lifts, allow boat owners to spend more time enjoying the water.

As a bonus, the HarborHoist Salt Water Boat Lift can be simply tied to a dock with ropes and is compatible with a variety of different docks, including floating and fixed docks.


Considering the downsides of traditional trailers, many boat owners are deciding to skip the hassle. With many boat lifts to choose from, it makes sense to instead choose HydroHoist Boat Lifts.