Posted on April 21, 2022

Boat Port: What are the Different Styles of Ports?

What are the Different Styles of Ports?

Written by HydroHoist Marketing


Few waterfront activities are as exhilarating as jet skiing. Jet skis let you get on the water fast,  jump wakes, and enjoy nature. It also makes travel quick and easy. Unfortunately, you can’t stay on the water forever. Fortunately, you can give your jet ski, sea-doo, or other personal watercraft a high-quality place to rest when not in use with a jet ski lift.

When you lift your jet ski out of the water, you’re protecting it from damage while also making it easy to access your PWC and the water without forcing it to sit in the water full time. It also keeps you from spending the time, energy, and gas hauling your jet ski to a ramp to launch it every time you want to take it out on the water. Invest in the best dry docking system available by getting a HydroPort series PWC lift from HydroHoist. Combine the features, affordability, trust, and reliability you’re looking for with one of these three styles of jet ski floating docks.

HydroHoist dock with boat


HydroPort Pro

If you’re looking for fast, convenient access to the water, HP Pro is the way to go. It’s affordable and durable, making it the choice of marinas across the nation for port rentals and dock gas parking. It’s ideal for smaller jet skis, with a capacity of 1,600 pounds. It has an exclusive bow bumper that slows your forward motion and gives your keel a soft resting place once you’re docked. In-line rollers make getting on and off the water very easy.

HydroPort Extreme

Our HP Extreme has been among the top choices of jet ski users for years, and for a good reason. It offers more high-performance adjustable rollers than the HP Pro for your sea-doo to rest on and push off onto the water. It can connect to other HP Extremes to offer a whole fleet of PWC convenient protection. It’s easy to glide up onto the platform for storage.

HydroPort Epic

The newest version of our PWC lifts offers the same easy and convenient launching with even more benefits. You get the same easy dry docking platform and system that lets you get on and off the water in seconds by pushing off or gliding on. It also earns the Epic name thanks to its additional features. With the HP Epic, you have a greater weight capacity of 2,000 pounds. It also offers more adjustability in the rollers to ensure that it’s a perfect fit for your PWC, and it features a larger dock to allow you to easily and safely walk around the port.

No matter which of the three jet ski dock platforms you choose, all of HydroHoist’s products offer you quick and convenient access to the water and a soft, safe place to store your PWC. Spend less time launching and taking care of your watercraft and more time on the water. For more information on any of HydroHoist’s boat lifts or PWC docking platforms, find a HydroHoist dealer in your area


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