Posted on July 8, 2016



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Admittedly, HydroHoist as a company is very different from its competitors. We place a heavy emphasis on providing a superior product through careful attention to detail. Because we put a premium on the manufacturing process, our price point is higher than others. The quality of our lifts, however, more than justifies the price.

The UltraLift line is an example of the excellence we demand from manufacturing. When we designed the UL2, our goal was to build the best possible floating hoist, suitable for all types of water. This exceptional lift is composed of three main structural categories: the control center, frame, and air tanks.


Our Product

The control center is the brains of the operation and, as such, extra attention is paid to the wiring components. This provides consistent performance for the life of the lift. Our control center has the smallest footprint, an Electrolux motor, and a 1 1/4” line valve. These features allow the quietest and fastest operation of any comparable product in the industry.

The frame itself is hot-dipped galvanized and extra heavy duty. One of the most useful and unique features for the UL2 is the cast pivot points, which are 40% stronger than similar welded components. This is important because most of the movement and general wear occurs on these points.

HydroHoist designs and manufactures its patented blue air tanks in-house. We take pride in these components because of the engineering that was required for them to made one piece. The side-snap brackets firmly secure the tanks to the frame and allow all steel parts to be out of the water when raised. This is one aspect to which we attribute our lifts’ longevity.

Why Us?

When comparing our lifts with any of our competitors’ lifts, you will see that there is really no competition at all. The materials and process that we employ are far superior in every regard. This allows individual components to fit flush and work in unison.

While it would be nice, ideal even, to offer the UL2 or other lifts at costs lower than our competition, it would be unfair to match the prices of inferior units. Often times, the cheapest options cost more in the long-run with maintenance, repairs, and replacements. This is true in all sectors, from cars to houses to boats. It is important to purchase a product that will be as dependable as the people who make it. HydroHoist stands firmly by its commitment to the customer.

We distribute many boat lifts, but we sell them one at a time because every customer is important to us.