Posted on November 9, 2023

The Benefits of Front Mount Boat Lifts: Why They’re Worth Considering

The Benefits of Front Mount Boat Lifts: Why They’re Worth Considering

Written by HydroHoist Marketing


Your boat needs a boat lift to stay safe and in good repair. When choosing a boat lift for your watercraft, weight capacity and shape are important factors to consider. Also worth considering is whether your boat lift should be mounted to the front or the side of your slip. While side mount boat lifts are becoming more common, there are a lot of situations that are appropriate for front mount boat lifts—and even some that make them more convenient and effective.

Boat lifts offer a ton of benefits to the boat owner who wants to protect their investment. Storing your boat at the water’s edge means always having it accessible when you want to get out on the water, saving you the trouble and expense of having to haul your watercraft back and forth. 

While your boat is at the water’s edge, it’s also stored out of the water, which saves your boat from the wear, tear, and hazards of being on the water full time. You don’t have to worry about wasting time scrubbing algae or hull blisters and other damages to props and shafts when you can be planning your next day on the water instead.

The front mount boat lift is a traditional, time-tested choice. A front mount boat lift is one that is attached to the front of the boat slip. Typically the tank is to the back of the boat lift so when the air is vented out while the lift is lowering, the stern is the first part of the boat to touch the water. This makes loading onto and disembarking from a front mount boat lift as easy and intuitive as using a trailer, but with all of the convenience of being right on the shore.

Is a front mount boat lift right for your waterfront? That depends on your plans and situation. Your local HydroHoist dealer can help you figure out what solution would work best for you. In the meantime, these are some of the most common questions we get about front mount boat lifts.

HydroHoist dock with boat

Are front mount boat lifts suitable for all types of waterfront properties?

Just like all waterfront features, front mount boat lifts are optimal for certain waterfront conditions. One of the biggest advantages of a front mounted boat lift is that it can accommodate irregularly shaped slips. Not all slips and docks create perfectly uniform pockets to tuck a boat lift into, and sometimes you need to share the space with another boater or boat lift. To this end, HydroHoist front mount boat lifts are secured with two brackets rather than four. 

A front mount boat lift in an especially wide slip also provides room for personal watercraft or other waterfront accessories. HydroHoist boat lifts are compatible with floating U-shaped slips, double-wide slips, and L-shaped moorings. They’re also an ideal choice if you have more than one boat that needs to fit in your slip, or if you have plans to expand your waterfront system.

This flexibility extends to the types of waterfront properties that front mount boat lifts are suitable for. Front mount boat lifts can work on just about any waterfront, but are particularly well suited for shallow, rough, choppy, and high-action shorelines that would give other types of boat lifts problems. When you’re buying or upgrading your boat lift system, take a look at what your neighbors are using, study your own waterfront, and get that information together so you can discuss your options with your local HydroHoist dealer.

Can a front mount boat lift accommodate different types of watercraft?

HydroHoist front mount boat lifts have a capacity of 5,000 to 6,500 pounds. Because of how our front mount boat lifts are built and how they operate, having your lift upright allows the side brackets to put upward pressure on your dock system. This effectively adds extra flotation and makes your dock more stable even in rough waters while supporting the weight of your watercraft. The HydroHoist UltraLift Series's maximum length can accommodate 26 to 28 feet.

Just like other boat lifts on the market, there are front mount boat lifts that can support your watercraft, no matter its weight or hull shape. Talking to your local waterfront dealer is the best way to become acquainted with the options available to you and what would work best on your waterfront.

How does a front mount boat lift provide added protection for your vessel?

Just about any kind of boat lift will add extra protection for your vessel. Boat lifts give you peace of mind and they also:

  • prevent hull damage from corrosion, algae, collisions, and other waterfront hazards
  • save you time and money on basic repair and maintenance tasks
  • preserves your boat’s appearance and performance
  • allow you and your loved ones to board your boat quickly and safely

The right materials and thoughtful construction, like polymers that won’t degrade as easily or metal components kept out of the water, also go a long way toward extending the life of your boat lift and your boat. The right lift, when properly cared for and outfitted with the right boat lift parts, will last you as long as your boat does or even longer.

A front mount boat lift offers those protective benefits on waterfronts where they might be harder to come by. Irregularly shaped slips or slips that are too large won’t be able to accommodate side mount boat lifts, which makes the front mount boat lift the only other alternative. 

Because of how boats are loaded and unloaded onto the front mount boat lift, it also makes shallow or rough waters easier to negotiate. Front mount boat lifts are also a traditional choice that’s been in the industry for years. While some manufacturers would argue that technology has improved and we have moved past the need for front mount boat lifts, HydroHoist knows there are still applications that make a front mount boat lift the superior option. This is especially true with the improvements in boat lift technology, engineering, and construction.

For more information about HydroHoist boat lifts, boat lift accessories, and what solutions would work best for your waterfront, get in touch with a HydroHoist dealer in your area.


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