Posted on April 1, 2016

Boat Dock Installer with Jerry's Dock & Construction


Written by HydroHoist Marketing

Chad Crouse is owner of Jerry’s Dock & Construction, located on Grand Lake in Bernice, Oklahoma.
Jerry’s Dock has been a Crouse family-owned business for 22 years and the company has been in
business for more than 40 years.
Jerry’s Dock was purchased by Chad’s parents, Wayne Crouse and Cola Crouse in 1994. At the time,
Chad was serving in the Marine Corps and came to work with his family in 1998 – after completing an
enlistment of six years. Chad worked out on the water, doing repairs and building docks for the first
eight years, then moved into the office in 2006, and started to help manage the company. He has been
running the company for the last six years and, as of July 1, 2015, is purchasing the company from his
Wayne still helps from time to time with the company when Chad is away, and Chad reciprocates by
helping when needed with his Dad’s other company, Bernice Sanitation. Cola is still involved with
Jerry’s and manages all the accounting.
Jerry’s is the oldest non-marina HydroHoist dealer on Grand Lake. Chad said “I have enjoyed being a
dealer and all the relationships with employees of HydroHoist over the years.”
Along with owning and running Jerry’s Dock, Chad has been a volunteer firefighter with the Bernice
Fire Department for 13 years. Last year he was elected as Deputy Chief.
“Although being a volunteer firefighter takes a lot of time, I really enjoy serving my community and all
the people and lives we are able to affect. I enjoy time on the lake; I love hunting and spending time
off road in my Jeep.”
Chad attended the University of Alaska for one year and the University of Idaho for a year, majoring in
Engineering, prior to joining the Marine Corps in 1993. Jerry and his wife, Brandy, have two children.
Cody is 18 years old and is planning to attend Oklahoma State University, majoring in pre-medicine
with the goal of becoming an Orthopedic Surgeon; Savannah, 13, is involved in cheer and gymnastics,
and all the other things girls her age are busy doing.
Chad is proud of the fact that he has been doing all of the installs at Jerry’s Dock for 11 years – and is
still doing them today.
“Jerry’s Dock has been a HydroHoist dealer for many years and we truly
value their partnership. We look forward to continuing to work with
Chad and their customers, providing them with the best product and
customer service,” said HydroHoist Director of Sales, Ron Martin.