Posted on July 28, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

The ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Group is joined by IMS Shipyard, whilst the ICOMIA Marinas Group welcomes four new members: ASAR | Safe Harbour Dry Stacks, HydroHoist®, LLC, Poralu Marine and West Istanbul Marina

The ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Group is joined by IMS Shipyard, whilst the ICOMIA Marinas Group welcomes four new members: ASAR | Safe Harbour Dry Stacks, HydroHoist®, LLC, Poralu Marine and West Istanbul Marina

The ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Group represents quality refit, repair and maintenance yards and aim to collectively improve quality within the group, follow professional working standards and meet specified environmental best practices. The group has produced documents such as the Code of Practice and the ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Standard Framework Contract which aim to improve certainty in refits.

The ICOMIA Superyacht Refit Group welcomes IMS Shipyard bringing the group of shipyards working collaboratively to improve overall quality of refits up to twelve. IMS will join a dedicated group of shipyards working to create more certainty and improve quality of the large yacht refit sector.

IMS Shipyard has specialized in maintenance, repair and refit of yachts since 1987. With two sites just 5 km apart, IMS 300 and IMS 700, IMS Shipyard is ideally located on the French Riviera. The yard can accommodate yachts from 20 to 90 meters. With a total surface area of 130 000 m², IMS Shipyard can welcome yachts with a berth or on the hard stand, and with the possibility of being under cover. One shed is entirely dedicated to painting work.

Capacities include:
• 25 floating berths up to 10 metre draught
• 100 slots from 20 to 90 metre yachts
• 75 dry slots (including 15 slots in sheds for long-term winter work)

The ICOMIA Marina Group (IMG) welcomes several new members. The IMG works collaboratively to improve the sharing and exchange of information with respect to the development and best practice management of marinas, boat storage facilities, boating access and associated infrastructure throughout the world. The IMG also produces the ICOMIA World Marinas Conference, which is held on a biennial basis.

ASAR | Safe Harbour Dry Stacks is a subsidiary of GCM Contracting Solutions, a full-service design-build construction firm providing innovative turnkey solutions for a wide range of commercial needs. ASAR | Safe Harbour Dry Stacks offers complete turnkey construction and automation solutions specifically for the marine industry, to build storm safe concrete and metal marine structures that offer fully-automated smart storage solutions for dry stack facilities. Specializing in tilt-wall construction, Safe Harbour Dry Stacks has been providing design-build construction services to the marine industry for more than 10 years.

In 2011, President of GCM and Safe Harbour Dry Stacks, Robert Brown, began collaborating with an Austrian based company to co-develop the technology that would automate the storage and retrieval process for boats to make a faster, more reliable system, which would replace the traditional forklift/crane method. After years of discussions, meetings, and planning, ASAR was born. Automation is not new to the marine industry, however, a fully-automated process without a human operator and with the use of a stacker crane is. ASAR offers the marine industry an innovative, smart solution to automate the storage and retrieval process for vessels.

HydroHoist®, LLC includes HydroHoist Boat Lifts, HyPower® Power Pedestals – providing shore-side power for boats and featuring a patented PowerSnap® technology for the easiest storage or repair in the industry, as well as RotoMoldUSA ®– a plastics rotomolding company. HydroHoist Boat Lifts is the market originator and largest hydro-pneumatic boat lift manufacturer in the world, celebrating over 55 years of business. HydroHoist Boat Lifts manufactures and sells lifts ranging from 1,500-pound drive-on docking platform for PWCs to boat lifts that will accommodate a 60,000-pound watercraft. The company has three distribution facilities located in Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee, and a network of more than 600 dealers to supply and support its customers. HydroHoist Boat Lifts products are available in 23 countries and the company has an international distributor and dealer network in more than 18 countries.

Poralu Marine: a vision and a business culture carried by strong humanist convictions in marinas equipment. Driven from its origins by the conviction that ‘the people and their organisation are at the heart of the difference’, Poralu Marine has stayed faithful to its principles and values for 30 years: team spirit, feeling of commitment, humility, enthusiasm, conviviality and respect.

An approach to sustainable development has naturally been added to our original convictions.
This quest for economic and human performance and pleasure in what we do begins every day: in designing its products, in the relationship with its employees, its customers, suppliers and more generally with its environment.

“When you work with Poralu Marine, you are choosing more than a product, you are sharing the values of the Poralu Spirit! We are very enthusiastic to join this group of professionals [IMG] and we look forward to share our knowledge and begin a fruitful collaboration together!”

West Istanbul Marina combines world class marina facilities with powerful technical complex of refit and maintenance services for yachts with shopping centers, restaurants and bars, sport and spa centers, beach, sailing school and yacht club. It is one of the most attractive marinas on the western coast of Istanbul. West Istanbul Marina is located on the European side of Istanbul which is the most convenient place for yachts accommodation. It’s close enough to the swirl of megapolis life, but at the same time quite far away from the crowded city center.

“We are happy to create a safe and environmentally friendly atmosphere with comfortable mooring conditions, large land-parking area, maintenance services and refit provided by experienced staff, as well as wide range of social activities, entertainments and water sports. West Istanbul Marina team is always at your service to make your stay at the marina unforgettable. We believe that our customers deserve “the best”, that is why our experienced team works tirelessly to provide you with “the best” marine service.”