Posted on April 27, 2023

HydroHoist and FirstMate Boat Lift Partnership

HydroHoist and FirstMate Partnership

Written by HydroHoist Marketing

HydroHoist UltraLift and Firstmate remote controls for boat lifts are both industry-leading technologies. With HydroHoist perfecting the design and construction of the floating boat lift, and Firstmate providing the reliable wireless control system that makes lifting your boat easy, you can enjoy your boating experience for many years to come.

Getting a boat lift is the best way to protect your boat, dock, and waterfront investment. Keeping your boat out of the water is the best way to protect it from the damage from constant exposure to the elements and accidental impacts with your dock, debris, or other boats. While a manual boat lift can do the job, a motorized boat lift can add convenience to your waterfront system by making lifting your boat a matter of pushing a button rather than turning a wheel. 

This makes HydroHoist UltraLift and Firstmate the ultimate partnership. Adding Firstmate controls to HydroHoist UltraLifts, gives you the best floating boat lift technology—from the tanks to the motor. Here’s how:

HydroHoist Innovation

HydroHoist has been in the marine business since 1964, innovating technological advancements in floating boat lifts. Ultralift, as well as the Front Mount and Shallow Water variations, are HydroHoist’s most popular floating boat lift option. Polyethylene tanks are key to their success because they resist stress caused by impacts and low-water conditions. A flexible structure also allows them to return to their original shape without damage. The stainless steel components remain above the water to protect them from damage, ensuring the entire unit can support boats of nearly any size and shape and any freshwater body.

Firstmate Capability

Firstmate is an esteemed marine technology provider with expertise in designing, manufacturing, distributing, and servicing wireless electronic equipment. Whether Firstmaste installs your unit or ships it to you, you can trust that your Firstmate controls add convenience to your boat lift, making spending time on the water easier and much more relaxing. You might not think electronic devices are safe or reliable around water, but Firstmate offers industry-leading technology and reliability, unlike other boat lift control manufacturers. Push-button controls on your floating lift make sense, but that’s not all that Firstmate controls can do. Firstmate controls can monitor lifts for air loss and fill tanks with air during leaks or restrictions. When push-button convenience meets automatic safety measures, you can achieve true peace of mind and be certain that your investments are safe.

One Incredible Combination

HydroHoist and Firstmate are both leaders in marine technology. HydroHoist has spent almost 60 years perfecting the floating boat lift, and Firstmate has spent over 20 years on remotely operated controls for those boat lifts. Combining Firstmate controls and HydroHoist Ultralift gives today’s boaters the convenience, reliability, and durability they require and expect for years to come.

For more information about the benefits of Firstmate controls, take a look at their website. For questions about HydroHoist boat docks, or to speak with a HydroHoist dealer in your area, get in touch with us online.


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