Posted on July 28, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

British Ambassador visits Claremore manufacturer RotoMoldUSA on US tour

British Ambassador Sir Kim Darroch visited Claremore Wednesday on a tour of the southwestern U.S. Before stepping into the role of ambassador three years ago, Darroch served as the prime minister’s national security advisor.

“I want to see as much of America as I can, and I hadn’t been to Oklahoma,” Darroch said. “It’s a place I’ve always wanted to come to because it’s got a kind of romantic sound to it.” 

Darroch and a small team from the UK Embassy and Consulate in Washington D.C. and Houston stopped in Claremore for a tour of RotoMoldUSA, a division of HydroHoist®, LLC.

In particular, they saw how the largest bi-axial rotomold machine in the world is used to mold state-of-the-art plastics for marine, aerospace, transportation, food service, material handling and pharmaceutical industries across the country.

Also in attendance were CCK Strategies founding partner John Curzon and HydroHoist President/CEO Mick Webber.

RotoMoldUSA Manufacturing Manager Mike Everett led the tour.

HydroHoist®, LLC is the world-wide industry leader in a $130 million and growing market and exports to 23 countries.

Before coming to Claremore, Darroch was in Tulsa at an event with the leaders of 39 Native American tribes and nations, which he called “inspiring.”

“They have an extraordinary heritage and history, with some great triumphs and dark moments as well,” Darroch said.

RotoMoldUSA, by contrast, is a look at the future for Native Americans and Native American owned and operated businesses.

“This is a very successful enterprise run by a leader of the Native American community,” Darroch said. “It is a great example of what can be achieved.”

His take-away from visiting our little corner of the world: “It’s one of the friendliest, if not the friendliest place I have ever been to.”

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