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HydroHoist of Oklahoma

HydroHoist of Oklahoma has seen the 30’-40’ boat sales continue to rise as do boat lift sales in the 14k-22k range –  continuing strong late into the season. The emergence of the Volvo forward facing drive has sparked sales in surf/wakeboard boats.

Sailboat lifts are gaining attention in the Grand Lake market with three installed this quarter – a 4400, 8800 and 10,000lb


HyPower production is up 31% in units over last year.

What are the main things we have had to change to accommodate the 31% growth? The HyPower assembly team has added two additional assembly people to help manage the growth in sales.  There was a learning curve at first as everyone became educated on production but by the middle of June we were moving full steam ahead.

Is there a main reason for the growth?  With an upturn in the marine industry we saw many of our regular marinas renovate and expand.  In addition, many projects we had been working with developers and owners on during the recession moved forward in 2016 leading to tremendous growth over 2015.

“It says a lot about our manufacturing team’s abilities that HyPower can ramp up within a few weeks to ship double the number of units per week to meet our customers’ needs.  It also takes a higher level of dedication working the overtime including nights and weekends to meet our goals,” said HyPower Director of Sales Eric Farley.