Dealer Spotlight – Thomas Docks

Thomas Docks was founded in 1993 and incorporated in 1994.  Scott Thomas grew up in the little town of Cicero, Indiana and its 2000-acre reservoir.  He had the opportunity to buy out an existing small dock construction company in 1994.  He serviced about 150 customers annually.  Over the years, business continued to grow and they now service about 2,500 customers.  Scott started out with one employee in 1994, and now has 23 employees. Scott graduated from Hamilton Heights High School in 1991. He worked in construction for a couple of years while he attended Ivy Tech.  During his first year of sales with Thomas Docks, he grossed around $130,000.00.  In 2017, the annual company sales are about $3.5 million. It wasn’t until 2014 that Thomas Docks became a part of HydroHoist Marine Group.  “Our sales have increased 50% since becoming a HydroHoist dealer.  We enjoy working with a company that looks out for its dealers and respects what they do and has their best interests in mind,” Thomas said. Scott enjoys flying airplanes, boating, fishing… but basically work is all he knows.




HydroHoist’s PWC Port Received Industry Recognition

HydroHoist is proud to announce that the Marine Recreation Association (MRA) recently awarded the HydroPort Extreme (HPE) the Most Innovative Product of the Year for 2016.

This award honors advancements in the recreational marina and boatyard industry, recognizing companies, organizations and individuals who have contributed technology and services in a way that materially affects the industry.

HydroHoist is honored to receive this award following the intense design work and promotion of the HPE. Truly a standout amongst personal watercraft (PWC) docking platforms, the HPE is fully roller-supported, has the easiest load and launch in the industry, and a flat, anti-skid walking surface. Importantly, the HPE is molded from ultra-tough Polyethylene Plastic and filled with Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) marine foam.

“Customers immediately notice the difference between the HPE and every other PWC port, and the reviews have been overwhelmingly positive,” said CEO Mick Webber.

The Marine Recreation Association is a non-profit association that represents marina owners, operators and industry professionals throughout the Western U.S., Mexico, Hawaii and Australia. The Association’s mission is to provide a united voice in representing the interests of the boating and marina industries and to help educate and inform in all areas of recreational boating.





HydroHoist is proud to announce the addition of a Southeast Regional Manager, Mike Flounlacker, based in Pensacola, Florida.

“We see strong potential in southeastern Florida and Mike’s expertise and work experience will play an important role in bringing our products to market,” said HydroHoist CEO Mick Webber.

A loyal Floridian, Flounlacker attended both Florida State University and the University of West Florida before making his career as a government contractor for marine construction and engineering. His contracting revolved around business development, which he sees as an important aspect in achieving HydroHoist’s success in the region. Mike’s time as a business development executive was spent building rapport with key personnel, leading business expansion, and setting goals and projections. He sees opportunity in this area because his customers are looking for more options and best-value purchases.

His capacity at HydroHoist will be utilized exploring areas for growth within the Florida market and expanding the existing customer base in the Southeast United States coastal areas. Mike sees tremendous opportunities for HydroHoist’s line of products.

“Mike’s knowledge of the demands of the marine industry will allow him to react to what the market wants and provide feedback,” Webber said.

“The addition of Mike, along with the introduction of our newest saltwater boat lift creates a synergy that will elevate our presence in the nation’s number one boating state.”

Flounlacker’s main goal for 2017 is to grow the HMG brand in the southeast coastal market. On being asked about his first impressions he said, “It is great to be part of such a stable company with a talented team that focuses on a customer-first philosophy.”

He has been married to his wife, Stephanie, for 17 years, and has two sons, Christopher and Paul, who are 16 and 12 respectively. In his spare time, Mike likes hunting, fishing, weightlifting, and coaching his son’s junior high football team.

HydroHoist is the oldest and largest hydropneumatic boatlift manufacturer in the world.  HydroHoist serves a worldwide marketplace in all aspects of pleasure craft, service boats, Personal Water Craft (PWCs) and other floating vessels. HydroHoist owns five patents relating to boat-lift technology and electric power pedestals, and has International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certifications for its manufacturing processes. Learn more at

HydroHoist Welcomes Advisory Board

image1HydroHoist is pleased to announce the members of our newly-formed Advisory Board. A world class group that will bring enormous value to HydroHoist. Pat Cavanagh, President of Cavanagh, LLC; Paxson St. Clair, President of Cobalt Boats; and Chip McElroy, President and CEO of McElroy Manufacturing. We are honored to be working with these individuals as they bring unique perspectives and many years of business experience. As a bonus, each is an avid boater and user of our product. We are honored that they are giving their time and talents to HydroHoist.

HydroHoist Advisory Board members (l to r):  Pat Cavanagh, President, Cavanagh, LLC;  Chip McElroy, President & CEO, McElroy Manufacturing; Mick Webber, President & CEO, HydroHoist Marine Group; Paxson St. Clair, President, Cobalt Boats




HydroHoist of Oklahoma

HydroHoist of Oklahoma has seen the 30’-40’ boat sales continue to rise as do boat lift sales in the 14k-22k range –  continuing strong late into the season. The emergence of the Volvo forward facing drive has sparked sales in surf/wakeboard boats.

Sailboat lifts are gaining attention in the Grand Lake market with three installed this quarter – a 4400, 8800 and 10,000lb


HyPower production is up 31% in units over last year.

What are the main things we have had to change to accommodate the 31% growth? The HyPower assembly team has added two additional assembly people to help manage the growth in sales.  There was a learning curve at first as everyone became educated on production but by the middle of June we were moving full steam ahead.

Is there a main reason for the growth?  With an upturn in the marine industry we saw many of our regular marinas renovate and expand.  In addition, many projects we had been working with developers and owners on during the recession moved forward in 2016 leading to tremendous growth over 2015.

“It says a lot about our manufacturing team’s abilities that HyPower can ramp up within a few weeks to ship double the number of units per week to meet our customers’ needs.  It also takes a higher level of dedication working the overtime including nights and weekends to meet our goals,” said HyPower Director of Sales Eric Farley.

HydroHoist of Oklahoma

Reported by JB Robison, Regional Manager

“Walk this way!” As we ship the new HydroHoist aluminum Plank kits off our yard almost faster than we can stock them, I cannot help but hear echoes of Steven Tyler’s voice. The sleek and durable appearance of our new walkway is receiving rave customer reviews and positive feedback on our price point. As we predicted coming out of this year’s boat shows, the new anti-skid aluminum walkways are EXTREMELY popular with orders backlogged and customers ready to install.

The new HP EXTREME has arrived! We received our first shipment of ten new HydroPort Extreme’s on June 9 and we had everyone of them sold sight unseen two days before they arrived. HMG began product marketing in the Grand Lake area on Memorial weekend and consumer response is overwhelming.

Lake Wilson Marina, Clinton Marina and Prairie Lake Company have made an impact on the Kansas market through marina growth and new dock construction. In Oklahoma Lake Eufaula is experiencing booming growth and transition with a new shoreline management plan in place. #9 Marina, Whatever Floats Your Boat / Duchess Creek Marina and the new town of Carlton Landingare catering strongly to the market growth. If you have not heard of Carlton Landing you need to check out their website,, and see the amazing new development founded by Grant Humphreys.

2016 is shaping up to be a perfect storm for sales with amazing new product releases, lakes full of water and beautiful weather! Helping us keep up with the demanding schedule and customer service is our new HHOK Installer, Lawrence McClain. He is a local lifetime Grand Laker living in Ketchum that enjoys spending his off time with his six children ages ranging 1-16 years old, boating and fishing! We want to wish Lawrence a big welcome to the HydroHoist team!

Employee Spotlight – RC Francis

Over his nearly 20 year career, RC has held the positions of Customer Service, Field Sales and Service, he opened the Grand Lake store and served as Regional Sales Manager. Today, he is in charge of controls assembly, and assists dealers and warehouses with some technical assistance related to older style boat lifts, and assists other departments when called upon.

RC began his career at HydroHoist in 1986, and left in 1996 to pursuIMG_0959e an opportunity out of state. He came back in 2007 and looks forward to celebrating 20 years with HydroHoist in January, 2017.

“RC has excelled in every role we ask him to play for HydroHoist. He is very loyal, highly dedicated, and has a ‘can-do’ approach. I have been privileged to work with RC all these years and he has certainly made HydroHoist a better company and place to work,” said CEO Mick Webber. When asked what he likes most about his job at HydroHoist RC commented, “Being trusted to meet and exceed customer requirements with very little supervision. Above all I enjoy working with the people employed by HydroHoist.” RC has been married for 49 years to Mary; they met at Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS. They have one son, a granddaughter and grandson. Their son is employed by American Airlines as an engineer in the landing gear section. RC said his son follows his advice “Listen to your coworker’s ideas – they may save your job. Refrain from public criticism of subordinates and other coworkers. If comments to others are not positive, in some way, don’t say it. Always be known for personal integrity and quality work” – RC maintains that this advice has assisted his son in building respect from management and coworkers which gave him major recognition from American Airlines as a result.

Their granddaughter is pursuing a nursing career and grandson is a student at Rogers State University, in Claremore, OK. When not at HydroHoist RC enjoys hunting and fishing with old friends and anyone else that wants to join us. “I appreciate Mick and Audrey’s willingness to hire and maintain a highly diversified work force; otherwise I personally would not likely have this opportunity to work for HydroHoist at 71 years of age!”

Dealer Spotlight – Don Hunter DCH Marine

DCH Marine opened for business in 2001 on Lake Venice, Venice, Florida. Their original business plan was to repair boats. They moved the business to its current location on Lake Timberland in Kentucky in 2006 – where they drifted from boat repair to a towing service. They expanded into offering HydroHoist in 2010. They now do everything from dock building/repair, dive, and towing and boat lift sales and service.935164_609865235690660_1688735058_n
Prior to 2000 Don was an auto body shop manager in Florida. “I chose to be a HydroHoist dealer because they are the originators and the main player in the industry. After
working on them you can definitely see the difference from us and the other lifts that are around.” According to Scott Mauldin, HydroHoist of TN Regional Director, “I was very excited when Don first reached out to me about adding boat lift service to his repertoire. Marine Assist
being a well-established, trusted name on Lake Cumberland would give
our customers there a local option, providing much faster response times
for service needs. Since that time, Don has grown his HydroHoist business
from simply offering service on existing units, to being an authorized dealer,
offering the full spectrum of sales, installation, and service. Don has proven
to be a great partner, and a real friend to the company. His philosophy
of customer service mirrors our own and having him and his crew on the
HydroHoist team is a real asset.” When asked if he had an interesting and/or challenging boat lift project Don mentioned dealing with wide ships, underwater truss work, and slip dividers
as their main challenges. “We have to ensure that we can get everything the customer
wants in their dock installed properly and safely.” Don sees trends in their market as consumers are getting away from smaller boats. Where he used to sell more of the 6600
pound HydroHoist lifts, in the last few years 8800 has become a
more common size. Additionally, he has installed three 22,000
pound lifts this year. With his towing business keeping him tied up 24/7 year-round,
he doesn’t have much time for hobbies, but is enjoying his first
grandson – born two months ago.
“We service 1200 people that have a membership with our tow service, so it is a good data base of people that lead over into the boat lift sales.”

The Superior Boatlift

Admittedly, HydroHoist as a company is very different from its competitors. We place a heavy emphasis on providing a superior product through careful attention to detail. Because we put a premium on the manufacturing process, our price point is higher than others, but the quality with which our lifts are made is truly worth it.

An example of the excellence we demand is apparent in the UltraLift line. When we designed the UL2, our goal was to build the best possible floating hoist, suitable for all types of water. This exceptional lift is composed of three main structural categories: the control center, frame, and air tanks.

Boat Floater | Floating Boat Lifts

The control center is the brains of the operation and, as such, extra attention is paid to the wiring components, providing consistent performance for the life of the lift. Our control center has the smallest footprint, an Electrolux motor, and a 1 1/4” line valve, allowing for the quietest and fastest operation of any comparable class in the industry.

The frame itself is hot-dipped galvanized and extra heavy duty. One of the most useful and unique features for the UL2 are the cast pivot points, which are 40% stronger than similar welded components. This is important because most of the movement and general wear occurs on these points.

Our patented blue air tanks are all designed and manufactured in-house. We take great pride in these components because of the engineering that was required for them to be all one piece. Our side-snap brackets firmly secure the tanks to the frame and allow all steel parts to be out of the water when the hoist is raised. This is one aspect to which we attribute our lifts’ longevity.

When comparing our lifts with any of our competitors’ lifts, you will see that there is really no competition at all. The materials and process that we employ are far superior in every regard, and this allows our individual components to fit flush and work together.

While it would be nice, ideal even, to offer the UL2 or other lifts at costs lower than our competition, it would be unfair to match the prices of inferior units. Oftentimes the cheapest options cost more in the long-run with maintenance, repairs, and replacements. This is true in all sectors, from cars to houses to boats. It is important to purchase a product that will be as dependable as the people who make it, and HydroHoist firmly stands by its commitment to the customer.

We distribute many boat lifts, but we sell them one at a time because every customer is important to us.