Posted on July 28, 2021



Written by HydroHoist Marketing

A boat lift is designed to lift and launch your boat safely, smoothly, and almost effortlessly in and out of the water. Like each boat and its owner is different, not all boat lifts are created equally, either. That makes choosing the right lift for your boat a skill and a craft. A well-chosen, properly fitted lift can keep you craft free from theft, protected from storms, and with a damage-free hull when it’s time to put it back in the water.

The lift you choose equips your boat for off-season storage and for all-season maintenance. The right lift and careful paint selection can also extend and preserve the life of your boat’s paint job. These five tips can help ensure you select the right lift for your dock, your water, and your boat.

Choose A Boat Lift That Fits A Variety of Dock Types

Like most boat owners, you take your boat into and out of the water many times each season. Because you’ll need to safely and securely dock your boat each time, you want a lift that fits your dock style. Make sure the lift you purchase can securely attach to your dock or within your slip:

  • U-shaped slips
  • Double-wide slips
  • L-shaped docks
  • Square docks
  • Fixed docks
  • Floating docks

Selecting a lift that fits your dock type should be high on your list of shopping priorities because your goal is to buy a lift that works for you, your boat, and your dock.

Choose A Boat Lift That Fits Your Boat’s Weight

A boat lift is sized by the lifting capacity. Overloading a lift with too much weight might cause stress on the motor – and cause you to feel frustrated – it won’t do its job as it is intended, which is to safely and seamlessly move your boat from Point A to Point B.

The size and weight of your boat are important factors in the lift you choose. Start by checking the spec sheet that came with your boat for its dry weight. Then add the following add-ons that contribute to the final weight of your full load:

  • Water weight
  • Equipment weight
  • Fuel weight

Know and understand the weight of your boat with its maximum load and use that as a guide to achieving the right lift size.  Most boat manufacturers offer this information on their website.

Choose A Boat Lift That Fits Your Boat’s Width and Length

The width and length of your boat are critical to the size of your lift. The broadest and widest part of your boat is its beam. That makes it the part your lift should be sized to accommodate. Include the cradle beam in this measurement and add a cushion to include guideposts if you’ll use them.

The size of your boat slip is equally important in the lift you select, so take accurate measurements of both, then choose a lift that fits right the first time. This is a good place to follow the handyman’s adage – measure twice, purchase once. Most boat manufacturers offer this information on their website.

Choose A Boat Lift That Can Withstand Your Water Type

Water is water, right? Wrong! Saltwater can be very corrosive while it is actively moving and swirling and can eat away at your boat and at the lift that supports your boat. On the other hand, freshwater can result in metallic corrosion that causes pitting on your boat’s surface or your lift’s surface over time.

Know the water your boat navigates and how frequently your boat is in each water type. It’s a savvy and money-wise idea to choose a lift like ours that can provide protection against corrosion in the right type of water or in both types of waters. HydroHoist Boat Lifts for freshwater are made of galvanized steel to prevent corrosion, while our saltwater lifts are made with marine-grade aluminum to combat the damaging saltwater elements.

Float Your Boat – And Your Boat Lift – On The Right Foundation

Choose a lift that will lift your boat in the most effective way. A shore-mounted lift doesn’t actually lift your boat. Instead, it acts more like a ramp to guide your boat out of the water and onto the shore. Their use is also limited to shores that aren’t very steep and might leave the bottom of your boat resting in corrosive sand or susceptible to rising water levels.

A floating lift, on the other hand, will lift your boat fully out of the water and allow it to remain free of the elements. It can also keep your boat safe and protected from ebbs and flows if the water level rises and lowers while your boat is in dry dock. This double protection for your boat also means peace of mind for you.

Bonus Tip: Choose A Company That Stands Behind Every Lift It Sells

Caring for your boat’s lift is a natural extension of caring for your boat. At HydroHoist, we work hard to enhance, not clutter, your boat dock, slip, or your shoreline. We offer top-quality, low-maintenance lifts you can be proud of. Our boat lifts provide optimum functionality in an attractive package that builds peace of mind right into boat ownership.

You invest in a boat lift for three key reasons – protection, security, and convenience. Choose a lift that protects your boat from water wear, wind damage, and wake damage. Choose a lift that offers protection and security whether your boat is in dry dock for a day, a month or a year. Choose one that offers the convenience and ease of fast, simple, reliable lifting and launching action.

Get The Quality Lift Your Boat Deserves & The Customer Service You Deserve

When you choose a lift for your boat, you don’t want a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter lift. You want one that fits your specific needs, offers unbeatable protection and has incredible durability. At HydroHoist, we take boating technology, engineering, and innovation as seriously as we take boating. That’s why our boat lifts are simply the best in the business – and we’ve got nearly sixty years of happy boaters – and well-preserved boats – to back us up!

We also offer customer service that starts at the point of inquiry and follows you through professional installation and every aspect of follow-up. We include everything you need to get your boat’s lift up and running like knowledgeable staff, industry-leading installation, and prompt, courteous service.  We understand your goal – to maximize the fun and function of your boat on and off the water – because that’s our goal, too.